Interesting article. Sounds a bit too noble and utopian, but maybe and hopefully things really are that great in that little town.

What’s happening in Mexico is really sad. My wife is from Mexico. We used to visit her family’s ranch in the dry high plains part of Mexico. Beautiful country and great food, but the violence and crime has kept us from returning for almost 10 years.

I read about some of the towns forming their own self-defense groups, kicking out the cartel members and corrupt police (most of whom have no choice or they and their families face torture and death). It struck me how a country with extremely strict gun control laws left a huge swath of innocent victims unable to protect themselves from armed criminals committing criminal atrocities against them. Gun control advocates so willing to strip us Americans from our basic civil right of self defense supposedly guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment need only look to our neighbor to the south to see how such a policy miserably failed tens of thousands of innocent victims. I always point to that as an example of the failure of gun control.

Anyway, kudos to the townspeople of Cheran for doing something and standing up to defend themselves.


It was epic when they arrested all the police in town. Hahhahahha epic