Toxic Masculinity...NOT!


I just want you guys to know not all women think you are toxic :kissing_heart:


We’re starting to have a bigger problem with Toxic Pansyassity.




Pretty sure I climaxed every time he said, “Dangerous Men.”


Thank you darlin I wish more women had that intuition


I 100% support this video

John hasn’t posted on full30 for awhile so please everyone let him know you wish to see him back here


Good video. I’m glad you put this out there. Thanks.


Lmao! im going to use this so much now!





lol, refer to OP, John Lovell



Original Poster of this thread is (unless I am missing something…) TickledDog.

So, where did this John Lovell post (where is/was his OP)?


ok, refer to 6th post down


I was sharing the video from his YT channel.


Thanks, TickledDog and Robert.

Sounds like someone we would want around here.

Good luck.


It’s funny that they call us “dangerous men.” I think the real “dangerous man” is this cat…:arrow_down:



What is/was so dangerous about him? The hair? (LOL)


Based on the viral video, if he heard you call him “him,” you’d know. Lol



Oh, ok, I get it. One of those gender bender types. (That explains the hair and pink shirt.)

They don’t scare me, but I agree with the video, we do need John Lovell’s version of ‘dangerous men.’


He sure did throw a hissy fit like a…umm…girl. And I think the store shouldn’t have apologized to him because he had a tantrum.


I’m taking it you didn’t see the video of that fool. Basically, dude (very clearly a dude) dressed as a chick went to the video game store. They called him “sir,” and he went bonkers. Screaming, threatening folks, breaking stuff, that kind of thing. That was the joke. Lol

And, I’ve rarely found Warrior Poet Society videos to be wrong very often. He knows his stuff and articulates his points very well. One of my favorites.