Toy gun buyback


This is just totally ludicrous.



we should just offer a freedom buy back program, the Bill of Rights is already numerated,

IDK, maybe offer to swap them out for gift certificates



I’m so sick of these assholes trying to indoctrinate our children! This is such bullshit. Why can’t they just teach kids the basics. How to read, write, do math. And teach them how to think for themselves.


Because they want control. An individual’s Right doesn’t even come into play when indoctrination is the goal.

I agree with you. This is ludicrous.


I agree with all of your statements. It is particularly offensive to politicize children into a lesson in deception . A shameful practice borders on psychological child abuse. @EQuinn states a universal truism.


Got to get them programmed at a young age comrade…


Amen, sister.