Traditional leather vs Tactical nylon?


I got in to a discussion/argument today at the range with a couple of guys, they insisted that the Tactical nylon gun belt is far superior to the traditional leather gun belt. I prefer a steel-reinforced leather gun belt what do the FULL30 members prefer?


I find the Tactical nylon works best for me. Primarily because of the buckle type. I still find it gives me plenty of support.


For edc I like the 5.11 nylon with the stainless steel buckle. For range wor.k I use a two piece comp. Rig.


Today I was carrying a full size 5 in 1911the two guys I was discussing carry belts with we’re both carrying small 9 mm Glocks which I get I feel you can get away with a lot more with a smaller lightweight gun, but damn those big steel 1911weigh a lot!


Good point. I carry a 1911 as well but only a 3" so not that bad. Yet more than the poly guns.
(Hope we didn’t ignite the glock v 1911 thing)

I’m mean Glock. Sorry guys… capital G.


@mquinn55, the 1911 gives a whole new meaning to the steel challenge!


I’ve never had a proper leather gun belt. I like my nylon SOG 1.75" BUT I love the 5.11 steel reinforced 1.75" nylon my southern bell got me! Supports excellent & holster & mag pouch stay put.


I like my custom double thickness steel reinforced leather belt, and I wear it all the time. However, I think nylon is a better overall choice. I believe it’s lighter, lasts longer, and doesn’t have moisture problems.


@LonewolfMcQuade, for me it’s about blending in, I’m a civilian drawing attention to my concealed firearm is what I’m trying to avoid the the traditional leather belt Blends in with my everyday wardrobe, I often wear a tucked-in shirt the tactical nylon belt doesn’t go with the majority of my clothing.
I like to take my wife out on the town and I have to look presentable, so for me 95% of the time the traditional leather is what works best.


@USMCMahon, moisture problems?


@SAK I see your point, good point. However, you do realize, no one notices your belt when your out. They’re all looking at your wife thinking, “there is a classy, beautiful woman, what’s she doing with him…” lol kidding


I can see a leather belt failing due to rain/humidity/sweat/an-unexpected-dip-in-the-river sooner than a sturdy nylon webbing belt. I’ve had mine for leather belt 3 years now, and while It’s lasted, i dont think I’d be able to abuse it with water the same as my g-code nylon belt.


@USMCMahon, have you ever given any thought to a quality waterproofing leather treatment?


I have not. In all fairness, my knowledge of leather goods is limited to my experiences with them.


@USMCMahon, the belt that you have sounds to me like it’s a very high quality leather gun belt, my guess is it’s already been treated correctly for the elements, spray it with a high quality leather waterproofing treatment and you’re good to go!


do you have one to recommend?


@USMCMahon, Yes i highly recommend the company Bigfoot gun belts, as far as waterproofing your gun belt first use saddle butter for conditioning then mink oil for waterproofing, silicon waterproofing spray may or may not be good for your specific type of leather check before applying.