Trailer reviews

I thought it would be a good idea to have different trailer reviews for anyone who may be in the market for a trailer. So if you have a trailer give it a review here. Add what you like what you don’t and if you had any problems. It may be good to add how the manufacturer dealt with any warranty issue as well.

I have a 2018 imagine 2800BH trailer that I will be doing a review on soon. I bought it last year and it has major issues. I will see how they handle it before I write the review.


It’s on my bucket list but not yet!

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Good idea. Many here are outdoors guys.
Our trailer has been useful far beyond camping.
Supported our homeless family and neighborhood after super storm Sandy.
We supplied gen power, hot showers and warm sleeping for 10
Been to 49 states Canada and mexihole with it



We once owned a Thor 23.
Excellent in all regards.
Interior layout was excellent.
Construction was also.
Although Thor is now the name of host of companies making all kinds of things.


Funny that you brought this up cause I’m in the market for one.

Wife & I will be looking at few of them tomorrow.

I’ll be following for sure.

Carry on…


Shop used. Many used on the market you can’t tell from new and a lot less money.


Yeah, that’s what we’re doing, thanks!

Going to go see one tonight, then tomorrow we’ll be spending much of the day looking at quite of few of them, most all will be used.


Lots of answers [and know it all’s like every site LOL]

Marcus is a dick but the sites free


My camper’s so old, the Indians let Columbus stay in it on his visit here. It’s only used for deer hunting and NOTHING on it works except the heater and it’s a new one I put in.



I like them old trailers


Okay so I said I would write a review on my trailer.

So the major issue was bent axles and hangers. I didn’t hit anything crazy but I do take it off road. I have two 3500 lbs axles under it and a GVWR of 7,495. Yeah… the math don’t quite add up there.

Anyway the tires started wearing funny about September of this year. I dealt with it for the hunting season and dropped the trailer off for an attempt at warranty for what was causing it.

After the dealer took their measurements they found two bent axles and one bent hanger. They will warranty it but I asked for an axle upgrade and told me that if I upgrade the axle it will void warranty because the axle will be too stiff to flex with the trailer.

I then brought up the GVWR rating compared to the axle rating

they said I’m forgetting to deduct the tung weight.

I then told them that they are forgetting to add inertia swings of bumpy off road conditions that will likely cause weight increases on the axle.

They said that it’s not designed for off road.

So end of the day I get new axles which is great and a slap in the face for not researching like I should have. They did say they would upgrade the leafs but I doubt that will do.

But on the good side of the trailer it is insulated very well, everything is quite functional, and the lay out is great. No issues with roof or siding all seems good. But don’t take it off road.

My rating;
On highway travel trailer= five star
Off road travel trailer = half a star
Warranty work = 4 star



Its a FEMA RV?

How do you not plan to take an RV to the side of lake, mountain etc?

Bummer but the review might be a lesson for others, thank you


Or an old persons RV, maybe @Belt-Fed will buy it from me


We’ve had a few trailers, the one that got the most use by far was the 13’ Scamp
The others were too large and too much of a hassle to mess with most of the time.
The company makes a few others besides this one, but it had everything needed.
A nice bed, indoor stove, porta-pot.
Never lacked anything for comfortable camping.
If anyone wants a small easy to tow trailer, I would highly recommend it.
There’s other manufactures making the same one now.


Don’t sell it to @Belt-Fed outright. Trade it for guns. Rumor has it he’s got at least one that’s worth owning. He’d probably throw in some cash too. I mean, you’d really be doing him a favor helping him unload some of that old junk he posts over in the gun of the month thread.


Muh ears are burnin.