Training at Front Sight


I just completed a four day defensive handgun course at Front Sight It was a very good class . I enjoyed the class they have very good instructors any thier facilities are top notch. On a personal note I shot well and ran the drills well enough that the instructors asked if I would like to come and take instructor training. I am thinking about it it might make a good retirement job.


That’s great… I would love to do something like this, but at my age, I find doing things I did in my younger years a bit harder to do. I hope it happens for you if you decide to go this route… sounds like a very fun job.


I’ve got a certificate for a course there. Had it for years. I need to use it sometime.


I would go and take the course it will be a good time and you will be surprised at how much it improve your shooting.


Sorry my tablet did something stupid.



why not go for it? If Jerry Miculek (he is in his 60’s), can be one of the top shooters in the world, then you should be able to do instructing at Front Sight.



I teach TOT SHOT classes to children 7 + free of charge. Congratulations @Jtr👍 keep it up, front sight looks like a very impressive facility.


When you look at the pay and where you would have to live it will not work for me .To far from family and I Don t like the Desert. And I make a lot more here in Missouri and the cost of living is a lot less.



With your circumstances, I agree - you are where you should be!


At my range i volunteer once a month to teach youngsters 7 and older basic firearms safety fundamentals.


Robert, it can be lately it’s been very slow.


That is why I work with two friends of NRA committee’s to raise money to supply youth shooting groups with firearms and equipment to teach safety and keep them involved.


Hey never say never , started firearm training in the 91 , for 5 yrs strong , Just started training again , Just took CCDW Class-, CCDW Skill Builder Course-1 -Skill Builder Course 2 =Tac Ops | SB – Skills Builder = So @ 65 yrs old with a bad back i did it - YES it was rough but guess what , My awareness and shooting skills has tripled , 1 Thing that really really helped me was – dont laugh - Shooting glasses -seeing how i am old my front sights were blurry and i bought Elvex RX-500C-.75 Safety Glasses Wow front sights crystal clear also got 1.00 / both are really good / I wish i had a few older guys that were Hardcore to play with / Oh and with the class of 10 in training = i ended up in 7th place , guys 8 --9 -10th place were under 30 haha