Training vs Practice


Quite a few people(not necessarily here) seem to be under the impression that they are the samething ,but they are not. Heres some good info on it.

Training is a synonym of practice . As verbs the difference between training and practice is that training is (train) while practice is (us) to repeat (an activity) as a way of improving one’s skill in that activity.


Aaron’s videos are awesome.

Going to the range and burning through a few boxes of ammunition is NOT the same as picking a few specific drills and iterating on them while self-analyzing to identify shortcomings to work on.


True, this is just something I feel noobies should know.


Just shared this thread on twitter because it’s a great topic.


Great topic. I’ve seen a lot of people “practicing” with bad fundamentals. I’m guilty of it myself. Every gun owner can benefit from professional training, not just newbies.


If your a ak user this is a great course
I’ve been to Sonny’s school and it was one of the best




Sonny puzikatz is former spetsnaz
His teaching is impeccable


like the realistic approach - accept the violence and that violent things happen - it is what you do when it happens that matters…





So true. And practice does NOT make perfect. Practice makes permanent.


Well, I have learned more through these videos with Aaron, Sonny, Pat and others. One recurring theme is the difference between training and practice. It remains central in these ideas to know yourself and what you can do. Even for us old guys, I have physically deteriorated more than my brain thinks so that adaptation is required in practice. I would also caution that just because of age does not mean I don’t know how to get older.:roll_eyes::grin: