Training vs Practice


Quite a few people(not necessarily here) seem to be under the impression that they are the samething ,but they are not. Heres some good info on it.

Training is a synonym of practice . As verbs the difference between training and practice is that training is (train) while practice is (us) to repeat (an activity) as a way of improving one’s skill in that activity.


Aaron’s videos are awesome.

Going to the range and burning through a few boxes of ammunition is NOT the same as picking a few specific drills and iterating on them while self-analyzing to identify shortcomings to work on.


True, this is just something I feel noobies should know.


Just shared this thread on twitter because it’s a great topic.


Great topic. I’ve seen a lot of people “practicing” with bad fundamentals. I’m guilty of it myself. Every gun owner can benefit from professional training, not just newbies.


If your a ak user this is a great course
I’ve been to Sonny’s school and it was one of the best




Sonny puzikatz is former spetsnaz
His teaching is impeccable