Truglo TFX Pro sights and point of impact

FYI: I installed these sights on my CZ SP-01 and P-01 recently. They are great sights, but the point of impact was 1.5 - 2 inches low at only 7 yards. I ran the sight calculator on Dawson Precision website and discovered that the front sight needed to be about 1.0 mm shorter to achieve higher POI. I emailed Truglo and this was their response:

"All of our sights are optimized for a “combat style” 25-yard POI result.

With the three dots in alignment, the front/center dot should be centered on the target. This is considered a “combat-style” sight picture.

Using this sight picture should result in a Point-of-Impact (POI) directly behind the front sight dot at 25 yards.

Please shoot your pistol from a solid rest at 25 yards, with two hands, using this sight picture."

I just wanted to pass along the information. The sights are great and I am keeping the rears. However, I am swapping out the front sights for a shorter height. When using the “combat” sight alignment, the target is completely obscured by the sight post, which doesn’t work for me personally.


I recommend learning it, its worth it, much better for both eyes open shooting as well


I considered that, but I’m too old to change now. I guess that makes me a Fudd. :rofl:


Nothing ventured nothing gained, you have the perfect opportunity to pick up a new and improved skill

you’ll shoot faster and more confident, its actually easy to learn , don’t start off “target” shooting, just learning how to cover the target, you’ll pick up accuracy naturally


Old dog can learn new tricks😄