Trump making nice after bumpstock gaffe?

Im all for a minority potus if they are qualified. Identity politics are the lefts bread and butter


How about her and David Clarke as a running mate. REALLY mess the far left loons up.


Works for me. Both pro liberty. A Native American woman and Black male. The libs can’t attack on anything but policy. And they have precious little of that except the socialist bull shit.
That should keep us good through 2032.


The articles title states “end to gun bans” ??? Am I mistaken or didn’t he spearhead the bumpstock ban AND push for red flag laws. Because that was him. ??so now??


They might win though. They are much more unified and they have the momentum. The right is pretty lazy compared to them , really. It sucks but at this rate we lose, imo. Its a matter of them taking us more serious then we take them.

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We keep losing ground, probably.


This is why i liked Cruz , its from a few years back.

I have voted for myself more than any than either red or blue, most often I vote libertarian, I refuse to vote for the lesser evil as evil is evil. The dems and repubs are just two sides of the same coin. They have counted on splitting our votes for many many decades now. Maybe if they had started to see large numbers of Americans voting for a different coin one of them would have actually started giving a shit about the constitution…at this stage of the game I’m pretty certain Liberty will not be restored by vote.


I remember ted calling for federal funding on the Senate floor to study the issue of firearms ownership just days after Sandy Hook, he is just as shameless a demagogue as the rest of those evil bastards, he is entrenched establishment, one side of the same coin, remember his wife was a VP at goldman sachs, not exactly the friends of Liberty.


True, thats why I said he was more of the same, I just liked him more than Trump. Trump was an anti gun democrat untail 2000ish too. There are not very many pro gun politicians now of days.