Trump Nominates Gun Control Supporter to ATF

What the hell is Trump doing?


Time for a sign of the cross emoji


I really want to vote him out this election cycle but I’m nervous of the outcome of getting a democrat too. Imagine a democrat controlled house, senate, and executive with gun control as a priority. I’ve seen bills from democrats that would leave me with very few of my guns (legally). I really think confiscation is coming our way soon.


They might try


Hell, I thought the ATF was anti gun anyway. Trump changes his stance with the direction of the wind. He’s like a kid succumbing to peer pressure, a puppet of the NRA, and he has and is proving he is no friend to the 2nd Amendment.

I’m not surpised by this.

And so here goes another letter off to the white house:

"I am highly concerned with the current trend in Gun Rights violations by the current Presidential administration, most specifically the recent rulings by the ATF and possibly other agencies. The Constitution of the United States of America CLEARLY states “shall not be infringed” in the Second Amendment.

ANY government action, rule, law, procedure, or regulation that prohibits, bans, restricts, makes access more difficult, stunts the performance or in any other way keeps a private citizen from owning any firearm of their choice is clearly in violation of the Second Amendment!

There is NO SUCH THING as “reasonable” gun control measures. This basic individual right is the only enumerated right in the Constitution that specifically states “shall not be infringed.” It was worded that way with intent by the founding fathers of this very country.

Any person MUST be allowed to be armed at ANY time and ANY place they choose. Any person MUST be allowed to arm themselves with whatever method and arms they choose.

It appears that almost all firearms regulations dating back to 1934 are in a response to highly publicized mass or otherwise shocking use of firearms, explosives, and other weapons. It is always the same UN-Constitutional response by the government (including the courts in many cases) … Restrict, regulate, tax and ultimately criminalize citizens for their natural right to protect themselves from other’s wishing to harm them AND from the very government which unlawfully imposes such restrictions.

STOP this!!!

ALL federal, and ultimately state and local regulations on firearms must be abolished. Period. We are not children incapable of self regulating our actions. We not only possess the natural right to survival, prosperity and personal safety and the safety our our possessions, we also possess the responsibility as individuals to enforce this right.

Yesterday is not too soon to right this wrong."

My boyfriend wrote this one as we take turns. I merely wanted to say “We know where you live” :joy:


Yes there is

lower right is proper, the one to the left is reasonable


When I was first taught to shoot, the one on the top center is the way I was told to hold my pistol. It felt so wrong and awkward. My support hand felt like it wasn’t doing a damn thing. I have since changed my grip.


Thats the teacup and its very popular with the ladys and a few of the brittish chaps :grin:


Mine now is a combo of bottom left and bottom center. Index finger in front of trigger guard, but my thumb wants to go behind the slide. The guys at the range keep telling me not to put my thumb there, but I do it anyway. Never been hit with the slide. It’s just what feels natural to me and I can shoot well that way.


Bottom right just feels good for non- wheelguns. I tried bottom center Witt the plastic pistols but wasn’t as confident as I would of liked.


Along the lines of the topic of this thread, does anyone here follow what happened to Schaeffer Cox? This is one of his recent blog entries, showing his letter to Trump. Anyway, if you aren’t familiar, take a look around this website. His blog, his story, the videos of what happened, etc. Very interesting. He’s currently still in prison.


I wonder why youtube will not allow embedding of this video, tried to post it elsewhere and had a hard time even getting a working link, couldn’t be censorship could it?!?