Trump signs spending bill


POTUS signed the bill including fix NICS.


That sucks,was hoping he would veto.


couldn’t agree more, total disappointment


I think we will be on our own soon


Just more 237-Dimensional Chess.



Also virtually no funding for any wall, planned parenthood fully funded, money to keep Obozo care in place, and money to fully fund sanctuary cities and states.
Don’t ignore it just because it’s “our guy”.
No politician should be thought of as a savior.
That’s what drove everyone crazy about Obama for 8 agonizing years.
Giving Trump and the “conservative” majority a pass makes us no better than the liberals.


I too am very disappointed in my President. I had though there was hope for our country, but as usual, he’s learning to become a politician like all the other swamp rats in Washington D.C. What’s bad is, I feel for what will happen to our grandchildren. I just can’t believe he gave in to the illegals and turned his back on the true citizens of this country. Lets hope he see’s the error of his ways.


I am disappointed also, why not take the hard line that he took on the 2nd amendment… oh wait he abandoned that also.he had a chance to stand his ground on this crappy bill. I guess it’s just easier to side with the dims and libs, or Gop, doesn’t take long for them to forget who put them in office. We have to let him know that his base is pissed.


We are ALWAYS better than the liberals. No matter what and don’t you forget it. Whether you’re Libertarian like me or a Conservative you will ALWAYS AND FOREVER be better than any liberal trash regardless of any circumstances.