Trumps new supreme court pick


Hmmm…should get interesting.


I don’t know if interesting is the word I’d use. Ugly maybe. It’s just gonna be a bitch and whine fest on the left. A few republicans will say they have some reservations but he’ll get confirmed in the end.
With any luck Trump will get at least one more pick. A Ginsburg replacement I hope.


^ This! One can only dream…



The nuts and so called experts are out in force tonight.


I try to stay out of politics so I dont get depressed and hang myself. That said, I watched his speech thought and guy seems like a stand up human being who loves what he does and is good at it.


I’d feel better about him if his record on the 4th Amendment were stronger, and if (again, based on his record) he was less inclined to rubber stamp/defend everything .gov wants to do (Patriot Act, NDAA, etc). It’s a positive that he seems inclined favorably towards the 2A. All that said, I’m willing to hear the man out…I realize there is a level of complexity to juggle in most court cases with respect to application of law, interests of the involved, etc. I’d like him to lean more towards Gorsuch, and less towards the outgoing justice.



I don’t really see anything positive about this nomination. Firstly, this is a nomination by Trump, who basically in one sentence showed his complete disregard for the 4th and 2nd Amendment. Kavanaugh has also showed complete disregard for the 4th Amendment and I suspect his vocal support for the 2nd is mostly hot air just like Trump.

Also, Kavnaugh is saying that he would like overturn Roe vs Wade. Though, in reality he will only make it more difficult to have abortions for women in the lower economic category. Restricting the right of women to decide what to do with their own bodies is a blatant disregard for the Bill of Rights in general.

Two thumbs down for Trumps pick. Americans deserve much better.


And Killing babies violates their right to live , imo. Not the best topic to bring up either, these things turn into a shit fest real fast.


This new guy seems like a Trump puppet to me but its too early to tell. I like Gorsuch (sp) though and the potus picked him too.


Well said Robert. He is infinitely better than any left wing socialist trash we would of got with the other presidential candidate.

Plus, nothing makes me happier than people getting their panties in a bunch with anything Trump does. Especially democrats.


The problem with violating “the right to live” cannot be as easily applied to a fetus as it is to an infant. One of the main reasons is that a fetus doesn’t have a subjective experience and it is a part of the mother’s body. So, how can anyone claim that a woman doesn’t have a right to her own body from a Constitutional argument?

Also, please correct me if I’m wrong here but I don’t remember anything in the Bill of Rights about “the right to live.” From my memory “the right to live” was part of some of the Medieval lordships.


Oh oh, it’s started. I’m out of here before the fires start. :cowboy_hat_face:


Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Life in my opinion begins at conception. If women don’t want to have children they should take precautions against getting pregnant. We should be educating our children how not to get in the position that they would have to make that awful choice.


I respect your opinion to dislike abortions. And if those pictures make you feel bad about abortions I also respect your view. The only thing I disagree with you is that “lots fo women loosing their minds” after having an abortion. This claim I cannot respect because it’s simply not supported by evidence. In fact I have never read or hear about a trauma because of a properly done abortion…that is if the woman was psychologically stable before the procedure. Though, I imagine there are likely outliers there.


I stand corrected then, I will make an exception to my opinion. Your mother should have got an abortion.


Most of them I know who have done it never forgave themselves and carried it for the rest of their lives . It maybe the area that I live in mostly Baptist and Catholics . But they turn to booze and drugs to kill the pain of what they did.


I get that. Personal experience may vary by milage. And I also imagine if a woman is discovered to have an abortion in a very religious small town that she very well could regret her decision if she decides to stay. Also, I would add that would that the majority of the women that you know who have had an abortion and turned to drugs were drug addicts long before the abortion…by the way how many drug addicted women do you know? Are you a mental counselor or something?