Trumps new supreme court pick


I get that. Personal experience may vary by milage. And I also imagine if a woman is discovered to have an abortion in a very religious small town that she very well could regret her decision if she decides to stay. Also, I would add that would that the majority of the women that you know who have had an abortion and turned to drugs were drug addicts long before the abortion…by the way how many drug addicted women do you know? Are you a mental counselor or something?






Instead of killing babies we should just purge. Then give babies up for adoption instead of killing them. Much more humane fix since grown people will at least get a chance to defend themselves unlike the little people in their moms bellies.


When. You spend most of your life in one town and working with people from all walks of life in that town you learn things about them.Most of the ones I have known with drug problems came from the so called good familys


I have seen a town in Southern Indiana that was a drug heaven, used to ride my bike through there. They had a massive AIDS epidemic there. Largest in the nation on a per capita basis. When Pence was in office he refused the needle exchange there, and the outcome was very predictable. So, again I just don’t care much at all for the judgement of the Trump and Pence wreaking duo. But I do imagine a drug pregnancy is far more likely to have to be aborted for the safety of the mother or whatever…and regret could very well be there because of such circumstances.


I would not respond anymore to this guy, he’s baiting people. Better off to save your sanity.


Yeah. I couldn’t resist. I’m done now.


Have you considered posting some pics of your guns or joining in one of the gun related discussions in other threads? Unless youre trolling…


Constitutional conservative , said he wouldn’t legislate form the bench, pro 2nd amendment pro life I’ll give him a chance.


This just might be the best comment I have ever read. My hat is off to you sir!


The left is completely losing it over this nomination. And their resistance to anything Trump supports reminds of this gem…


That sums it up pretty good.


I don’t like one word comments… but, here goes YEP.


The right to live in inherent to the human condition. It does not spring forth from the Constitution, the Magna Carta, or any other document. It exists outside of, and separate from articles codifying it. I’d submit the following for your consideration: a single celled bacteria is considered to be “life” when it comes to proof of life outside this planet (i.e. - life on Mars, etc)…why then is a beating heart NOT considered life here on Terra Firma? It is, to my way of thinking, the height of hypocrisy. Does a woman have a right to control her own body? Just as we all have the inherent right to life, liberty and happiness (and the pursuit thereof), yes she does. That right exists right up to the point where it begins to infringe upon another person’s right to those same things. The mother’s right to pursue happiness does not supersede the child’s right to live. See what I’m getting at? I await your response :smiley:


I should have read the entire comment thread before jumping in to comment…I fear I may have stoked the fire…:smiley:


I see Vitaly , he is the one right above the letter “A”.


Very well stated, I appreciate your articulation and agree. I also don’t think your statement was provocative.