Trying to remember the name of a trigger


Im trying to figure out what the name of a trigger I use to have in an AR. It was probably 2-5 years ago , they are SA and break similar to a bolt action. They were spendy, about Geiselle priced maybe a tad more. I dont have much to go on except its spendy,SA and was kind of marketed as similar to a bolt action trigger…any ideas?


Was it a timmney trigger ?


No, I know it wasnt Timney ,Jewel or anything directly from a manufacturer. It was really big a few years ago but I havnt seen anything in at least a year or two. They were very unique.


Not a lot to go on.

ELFtmen tactical
Velocity triggers.


Not elfman. I will google the velocity. For some reason I think it had a ‘B’ in the name.


I almost forgot about the elft
I don’t see many of them come through


I found it after some digging , they are called ‘Hiperfire’. Too many fifths ago , I need to get my act together :man_facepalming:


Im a huge fan of bolties, especially Tikkas (because I cant afford Sakos) and I damn near liked my hiperfire trigger as much as my boltie. I think it hsd 2 maybe 2.5lb trigger.


Elft made a ak trigger pack for a time
I installed one in a friends arsenal and it was no drop in replacement like it was advertised lmao
It was north of 300 dollars and the worked tapco g2 was better imo


Hiperfire is awesome. Affordable and they work great. Been a dealer for a few years. Even use them on full auto. I think 5 of my personal weapons have them.
My daily carry I use an LWRC hammer, with a Mega Arms trigger bow. I have XL hands and need the extra reach. The adjustable stops on it work well, but it is more of a combat trigger than the feel of the Hiperfire. Even the cheap Hiperfire feels great. Stoning them with 5k makes them super smooth. The 24-C works very well and I can cycle my rifle faster than a binary trigger for the most part.
Hammer strike is still up there too, no light primer strikes. You can actually get them to hit 20% harder than mil spec. (I think it is 20% it is early in the morning for me)


Roy Rogers had a horse named Trigger.
Was that any help?



I really like hiperfire triggers. For a more conventional DA trigger I like Larue MBT.


wrong Trigger?


I am not triggered and need my safe spot… :rofl::rofl::rofl: