New to AK Best AK ammo besides Wolf?


what ever you can afford or your application
but define best, ball vrs hp, steel core vrs lead, surplus vrs commercial, corrosive vrs non and the list goes on

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I’m biased but Brown Bear, Silver Bear and Golden Bear. Lots of options for grains and types of bullets. Love this stuff with all sorts of calibers including 7.62x54r.

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Thank you that was what I was looking for. What about American eagle?

What do you use?

Hello and welcome to the forum. Introducing yourself goes a long way when it comes to getting questions answered.

I’m a huge fan of American Eagle. It’s what I use at the range most often for my AR. I don’t have an AK so the bullet weight is something I don’t know well enough for that platform to recommend. But I like the brand a lot.

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It’s a simple ammo recommendation topic. Why is it needed to “introduce” yourself? Couldn’t we play nice first and attempt to help someone by answering the topic? If they are a bot it will be obvious.

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Thank you. I’m sorry I didn’t know the rules. I just bought my first AK and wanted to run good clean ammo. I like to educate myself Thank you again for your inputt


All is good thank you, luckily @Chuparosa is a super kind badassitude fellow who loves AK’s, I’m sure he can help,

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No problem. I understand. I’m on glock talk 1911 Addicks . I caught a lot of arrows. The only way you learn is ask.

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Mister Torgue makes rules EXPLODE!!!

That’s a good thing yea?

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Yes, I made assumptions, I’ll do some PS4 for awhile and think about what I did

So that was your first spear caught?

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Best “for consistent FPS” steel case bulk for 7.62x39 is Golden tiger.
Best “for consistent FPS” brass case 7.62x39 is hornady.
In my opinion.


I buy bulk - so about $300 for 1500

Here’s a couple bulk 500rd links for some of the Bear ammo.

Hollow points:


I prefer Golden Tiger. Shop around when you go to buy. When you do. Buy in bulk.

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I didnt realize how much cheaper 7.62x39 is compared to 5.56, maybe I do need a rifle chambered in it.


First spear!!! Mother in law tongue Just awful

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