U.s. military new side arm Sig p320


It’s based on the 75 but a whole other ball park. The Jericho is by far superior.



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Amen to that, brother.



In reply to scootch’s video about the Jericho 941. I think that it is really funny that he states that the pistol will have a heavier trigger break if it is equipped with a decocker instead of a safety lever. He then does a trigger pull test on a CZ and Jericho pistol. The Cz has a decocker and the Jericho had the safety lever. No surprise that the trigger pull was a few oz lighter on the Jericho. Apples to apples they are the same pistol, same metal, and processes being used. Mechanically the same until you get to the design of the mag release. Jericho went with the Italian copy tanfogolio design.


Haven’t had a chance to test out that Sig, would like to. I was never a fan of that M9. I just don’t like it.

I didn’t pay much attention to the trials but I wonder if the M&P or PPQ would of been a better option?


The fit and finish on the Jericho are night and day superior though. DA is irrelevant as you go straight to SA anyway (while drawing, it’s a training issue).


I wouldn’t mind owning and carrying a pre-2004 226 at all!


I really love Beretta :heart_eyes:



Wow those look cool! What are those?


The Sig p320 is a good pistol on par with Glock butSig has sketchy QC and CS. I have owned 6 of them and only one had serious issues and I have thousands of rounds through one with zero issues and no maintnance outside of wiping it down and relubing it. I tried a jericho and was not a fan at all, it did have a nice finish but other then that I was not impressed and it was not really anything special trigger wise. Overall HK builds one of the most durable pistols But it is a little more complex then say a glock or m&p. My buddy has an HK45 that was a demo gun that has 75k+ rounds through it with no issues, another guy at a pistol course I took had a 9mm HK with over 200k (he was an assistant instructor) and there are quite a few others breaking the 100k mark with little issues. H&K rifles are not my thing really but their handguns are top of the line ,period.


Except HK doesn’t know what a good trigger is and I’m far from inclined on sending a pistol that costs far north of $1K to Bruce Gray to sort out the trigger. It’s just not worth the cost, especially since HK pistols are all polymer framed. I mean, why bother? Just get the Jericho F9. It has far more value for money. HK is a bit overrated and most definitely waaaay overpriced. Unless a very high end custom 1911 no handgun is worth more than $700 or so at best. Upgrades and accessories not included.


:heart: my WC Brigadier


Excellent! Just ordered my 1st Beretta today. The m9a3. (Also came home with the s&w m&p 2.0.) Couldn’t come home empty handed from the “adult dollar store” :rofl:


m9a3 just is the great pistol. well balanced and universal.


apparently the m9a3 is also very elusive LOL! I was notified by my dealer that they quit production of them last year do too many quality control issues being done by the US plants. so they started reproducing them in Italy again and I should have mine out of the new batch in about 30 days they said. I hope! I’m like an inpatient child when I’m waiting on a new toy


Sounds like the army is having issues with their new pistols.



Your tax Dollars at work, gentlemen.


Yeah, the 320 has been having a lot of problems, and didn’t have to pass the same amount of testing that all the other company’s had to. In the end it was the price that tipped the scales in sigs favor. I think that it stinks giving our service members the cheapest tool, and not the most reliable one.


Personally I love my P320, I understand that several changes were made to keep the average soldier from making any changes to the weapon so not sure how that will affect the performance and shootability. As far as longevity, as corney as it sounds “only time will tell”. The lawsuit that Glock filed will be interesting, supposedly the final stage was never done to determine the winner so Glock may still have a dance card for the Big dance afterall.

Wouldn’t it be funny and Glock wins the lawsuit and the Army is forced to buy both? As a unit the armorer may be able to choose which side arm the unit carries or they may be like the civilian world and actually have a choice… “Bud or Miller”, “Paper or Plastic”, “Pennzoil or Quaker State”, “Glock or Sig”


I know we discussed this some a few months back but how did the test change from company to company?

I think the military was definitly biased here and knew what pistol they wanted to go with prior to the competition. Glock or S&W wouldve been the smart answers since all the kinks are worked out of the system. Both the Beretta APX and Sig p320 are too new and bound to have kinks that shouldnt be getting worked out in the field. All of this is old news though.

Sig USA uses customers as guinea pigs instead of having actual quality control. The way they handled all this was pretty sketchy and out of line.