U.s. military new side arm Sig p320


These are some of the issues in 2017, which is what most people are going off of now. I am curious what Sig did to remedy these issues with newer pistols.
I have been looking for the 2018 report but could not find anything.


I do think Sig will get it right but as of right now based on everything ive read, experienced (have owned a few) and been told, Sig is still working on getting their platform right. Sigs behavior in all this was also pretty shitty, companies like Glock have had similar issues and managed to be less douchy about it.

"David Bahde, a retired SWAT lieutenant and firearms subject matter expert who has testified in federal court proceedings on firearms issues, provided some context on the scale of the reported problems.

“To my knowledge, no small arm fielded by the military has passed from the testing to the issuing phase without issues,” Bahde said.


Yeah unfortunately the military went with the sig due to the contract going to the lowest bidder. Sad, really sad. I want our boys and girls defending this country with the best arms we can afford to give them. Not the cheapest.


I agree 1000%! It’s not like our brave men & woman whom put their lives on the line are over fuc@!ng paid! At least give them the best shit known to mankind! No excuses for the worthless bean counters who never leave the safety of their cushy lives or office! Dispicable!!!


The p320 still has potential. Its not a cheap gun, the materials/parts are every bit as good as their competitors, its the fact that Sig cuts corners with QC to meet the price point and quantity. Which is a shitty thing to do , imo.


Seems Sig is stepping up a bit.



The one thing I find to be complete BS with the test was how the Sig got a special kind of ammo due to its inability to feed all types of ammo. They really needed some operational testing for this platform.


The Sig is looking better ,hopefully these do not see any actual combat use untail everything is good to go.


Also, The Sig p320/xm17 is being sold to the military at $207 per pistol, Glock wouldve been around $230 per pistol. I couldnt find anything on the other pistols. Whats funny is the military originally went with the m9 over the p226 based just on price. The m9 had more issues than the p226 but money was the deciding factor. The m9 despite what it is now, seemed like a turd when it first was released.