U.S. Palm Drop Test, Drop Test, Drop Test.

In this series, I explore the U.S. Palm, AK30 and AK30R, and original AK30 from U.S. Palm (pre century). This is an early release for you guys on the forum first. My objective is not to glorify U.S. Palm. Neither is it my intention to vilify Century. Please have an open mind when you watch. I DO WANT YOUR FEEDBACK.
Do you use these magazines? Have you broken one? Do you have a story to tell about how durable they are? Please share below. Thank you all for the ongoing support of not only my channel, but Full30.

Are Original U.S. Palm magazines the same as the Century made NEW versions?

U.S. Palm (Pre Century) AK30

U.S. Palm (Century) AK30

U.S. Palm (Century) AK30R

Now that the drop testing is done. I have a few other tasks I would like to make these mags go through. I will likely put mags that have passed the original tests through these additional tests as well.