Uber Vehicles now officially gun free zones!


Uber can go🖕F— themselves I just finished reading an article Uber’s trying to dictate who can and cannot defend themselves in their own private property! this goes for the driver and the passenger no guns allowed, my wife’s sister drives for Uber and she carries a 410 Judge with her on every single trip she takes.


What’s the penalty? And who the hell would know? If I were a passenger they’d never know unless I needed to use it. Then what… blacklisted from Uber? Same if I was a driver. They’d never know. If a situation arrived I gotta figure what’s more important… staying alive or being a beat up or dead Uber driver. F*ck uber.


Well. I guess it’s time to call lyft!


From what I’ve read you need a gun to defend yourself from Uber drivers. They’d never know I was armed until they tried some monkey business.
MYOB and I’ll mind mine.


Cant be lesbian either. LOL