Uh oh. Stoneman Douglas votes "overwhelmingly" for arming trained teachers



Good! It’s about time. Now let’s get the country thinking this way.


Good for them! It is about time our kids get some proper protection. Now lets push this sort of agenda everywhere and end “gun free zones” so the rest of us can protect the rest of us–even those anti-gun pussies.


Hogg, the new face of Hitler Nazi Youth…


I bet if someone photoshopped his ugly mug on an old photograph of one of those youths he’d be a spitting image.


The sad evidence has been there all along, “Leave It To Beaver” is not representative of Real Life now or back in the time the TV show tries to portray.


I read the fine print. The commission endorse the Florida School Guardian Program. The Florida Teachers Union made sure that almost all classroom teachers are excluded.

We can now defend the grass on the football field, but not our kids.


Can you cite that part? I didn’t see that.


At one point, Hogg and his sister were starting a push to sell armbands that would show solidarity for gun control. They put pictures of David Hogg modeling an armband on Twitter, and the armband combined with the way he was dressed, made him look almost exactly like a member of Hitler’s Youth. When this was very publicly pointed out on Twitter, Hogg’s sister apologized and the pictures were removed.



That’s awesome!!