Ultimate Arms Gear 3 Pack of TRT Tap Rack Dry Fire Safety Training Aid 9MM/.40 cal Pistol Magazine Dummy Ammo


Does anyone here sell these? Just the little plastic dummy rounds.


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I sell a variety of snap caps on my site, including metal and plastic.

The metal ones are quite nice because they simulate real ammo quite well. It allows you to load up a magazine with dummy rounds so you know the feeling of loaded mags.

The metal ones also last much longer than the plastic ones. The plastic ones are great, but they will slowly get destroyed over extended use.


I do have the metal snap caps. They are great. I’m looking for the ones that keep the follower from engaging the slide lock. That way I can dry fire practice without ejecting rounds all over the living room. :smile:


Then you’re looking for this right here:



That’s exactly what I’m looking for. I was hoping to get it from someone involved with Full30 who has a retail website.


It’s their own proprietary product and I’m not aware of anyone who makes something similar. It’s your only option that I’m aware of.

However, you can simply disassemble your magazine and remove the spring and follower - then nothing will prevent you from working the slide and you don’t have to spend any money.