UN firearms markings good or bad from a collector

Because Canada signed the Accord “Protocol against the Illicit Manufacturing of and Trafficking in Firearms”, (which the US didn’t) there was a push back by both owners and sellers against it, In simple terms the requirement for all imported firearms into country that the country had to be stamped and dated on the firearm. So for importation into Canada it would require CA 18 (Canada 2018). Seeing what they do to collectable and milsurps south of me, I personslly would prefer the UN method. There are provisions for rare, expensive and one ofs of either hiding the stamp (under grip) or not required.
Lets hear from the ones who own more of everthing and lets look at it in more global sense than just some foriegn bureaucratic crap telling me what to do.



I have mixed feelings about guns being stamped as you described.

For one, it does add some history to the gun, so that can add value.

But, on the other hand, it takes away from the original looks (and natural beauty) of the gun.

Bottom line - I would prefer the gun not be stamped unnecessarily.