Underwood Extreme Defender

Couldn’t find anything about ammo(if there is a thread I missed I apologize, point me in the right direction). I’ve watched MAC’s videos, TNoutdoors and quite a few others as well as probably hundreds of others just on different types of ammo. My question is, this. Is this a viable carry ammo, would you trust your life(and others) to it? It seems to “bridge the gap” between HP and FMJ yet nobody has really actually endorsed it as a viable carry option. Perhaps because it is still “new” or for whatever reason. What are you thoughts, opinions, and why? Thanks

Everything I read from the sources I have looked at, says it’s really good stuff. I would carry it if I didn’t already have a crap load of other ammo.

i watched a few videos on it and the reviewer was pretty thorough. He seemed to think it would be a good carry option
I carry the Sig Sauer V-Crown 147grain jacketed hollow point in 9mm

I carry Underwood Extreme Defender for both my Glock 26 and 29. I use Freedom Munitions for training and finish up by using some of the Underwood to keep in practice. I practice about 3 times per week.

I’ve been using Underwood Extreme defenders 9mm for a couple of years in a P938, Vbob, WC XTAC Elite compact, P226 Legion SAO, Wilber CenTac,DW ECO, & .45 in an Ed Brown SF carry bobtail.

2x a year I run at least 2 mags through each EDC & have had no problems,I also use Freedom FMJ as range ammo.


+3 Underwood Extreme Defender: https://underwoodammo.com/product/handgun-ammo/380-acp-65-grain-xtreme-defender/
Run my LCP II with them when deep concealment is required. Also, on rare occasions, in an ankle holster.

If it reliably feeds and is accurate enough for the intended purpose, then it’s suitable.
Bullet design is less important.

Underwood xtreme defender in plus P plus 9mm
Underwood xtreme defender and xtreme penetrator in 10 mm
Underwood xtreme defender in 45acp
I also only buy and shoot Underwood Ammo in my Glock 10 mm’s
IMHO Underwood is the best ammo you can get for self-defense period.
There are lots of videos on YouTube on all these I listed unless the libtards took them down.