Unity Tactical Clutch Belt


Anybody have any words on this?

It seems like a good concept, a way to carry all your EDC up and off of your belt, well hidden under a shirt, but still accessible. Also, it looks like you can carry plenty of gear with the extra pockets.

EDIT: Looks like it could be great for hiking. My only concern is the rubbing and discomfort it could cause against your midsection after a long enough period.


Like the idea!


Reminds me of those corsets woman can get for concealed carry.


Corsets are terrible- the gun is way too hard to get to in my opinion. Though concealment is excellent.


Well. Here I thought it looked like a cumberbund sans the plate carrier. Can’t unsee the corset though now.


This doesn’t look like a corset- more like a large belly band.
This is what a corset looks like:


That looks tall and terrible. I know one of my friends who used one, as she was always complaining about the lack of belt loops and pockets on lady’s jeans. Didn’t hear the best reviews from her on corsets either.


One thing is it would teach you to left with your knees cause I see the heel of that gun digging into a persons ribs if you bend at the waist.