Update, Mark Robinson


@98Z posted this over on the .308AR forums
https://forum.308ar.com/topic/16839-update-mark-robinson/ (anybody curious about other forums should checkout the.308ar forum , @Robocop1051 is the head honcho over there)

Now that I am done spamming …


Mark is a true patriot in every sense of the word.


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Absolutely awesome. :+1::+1::+1::us::us::us::us::us::us::us::us::us::us::us::us::us::us::us::us::us::us::us::us::us::us::us::us::us::us:


Wow. For a guy who (says he) didn’t prepare a speech, he sure gave a good speech!

Mark Robinson is a true patriot.


I, for one, am totally in awe of examples of thinking people who have true benefits in mind involving firearms. The other folks have described us a bunch of morons.


Now if only we had more people with Mark Robinson’s intelligence in this country.