Upset About the Bump Stock Ban? Call the Trump Campaign


ACT NOW…Call President Trump & His Campaign Manager!!!

President Trump’s campaign manager, Brad Parcsale, just put out a TV commercial ASKING for folks to call the President and thank him for the great job he is doing…

SOOOOO, call him and tell him what you think about the attack on the 2nd Amendment and how he is enabling the leftist attack!

Call the Trump Campaign HERE:

Contact Trump’s Campaign Manager, Brad Parscale, HERE:


Yes I am, and yes I’m going to call.


@switchpod :+1::us:


I will call and write in the morning!


The number is no longer in service.



Email sent. Let’s hope these get read and communicated.


calling…ringing…automated voice say’s number is incorrect ??? tried it twice…


@rjburk Think they shut it down…we made a lot of calls…



Callers opinions are irrelevant.

But we all know this, even if its not admitted yet, deep down, we all know.


I ordered another one today…some things you just have to buy to shove a finger into the anti’s face…