Use Facebook and YouTube playbook against them. Go after their leading advertisers


For far too long, we as conservatives and gun rights advocates, sit back and take the B.S. that is handed to us by progressive (communist) media, without any significant response of our own.
This must change immediately, if we are to enjoy the same platforms as a violent movie trailer, CNN or MSLSD fake news performances.
Do you use any of the products that are advertised on YouTube or Facebook?
Contact them, and express your displeasure with the fact that they spend millions in add revenue on a censored platform.
That is exactly what progressive groups do every day. And unfortunately, they have become very effective.


While I love this idea and plan on doing this myself, I seriously doubt even a microscopic amount of us will do it. Unfortunately too many of us are trying to avoid conflict whereas the left and extremists seek it out. The moment we all get a backbone is the moment we get so far demonized by the media and sheep Americans believing that drivel and become irrelevant. We’ll be labled as gun nut rednecks regardless of age, race, or region we are.



True. But, they already label us as such. What difference would it make? Only thing I can think of is that they would know specifically who we are if we start making waves.

For those of us still working, or have spouses still working - that could be detrimental to our (or our spouses’) careers. Depends on who we work for.

If, somehow, we could make our facts and feelings known without getting personal, then we could safely “fight” back. Distribute flyers, perhaps? Go to the liberals’ websites and voice our opposition?

There has to be many ways for us to the message out.


A long time ago I decided that if an actor said or provided support to liberal or anti gun groups I would not watch their movies or buy the products they endorse. The same with buying guns at WalMart I go in and look and make them spend time showing me then tell them I will buy elsewhere because of the policy of Wal Mart on not selling to 18 year olds.