Used Dies, and Last Weeks Winner

Used Dies

5 sets of dies came into the shop this week, two of which are the Lee Loader kits. $15 each. If you would like additional photos, email me and I’ll get them for you.

35 Remington
30-30 WInchester
308 Winchester
308 Loader Kit
30-06 Loader Kit

Also, we are trying a new vendor for some lead 45 185 SWC bullets and 44 240 TC bullets. Prices are reduced, and we would appreciate some feedback on how well they shoot. This will also help us determine if we will keep them in stock or not. We tried them and they do ok, but customer feedback is much more important to us

This newsletter email goes to everyone at the same time, but also, our website is being viewed by thousands of people per hour. Once the items are gone, the Buy button is disabled to ensure the product is not oversold.

Shown on our front page:

New Hours

Starting April 6th, our new out of season shop hours will be Tue - Sat 8 to 12, closed Sun/Mon. Our call in hours will remain the same, Mon - Fri 8 to 4, and Sat 8 to 12.

Weekly Winner

This weeks $50 weekly winner is: Joe Washington - Thornville, OH

A purchase during the preceding week is automatically entered for our weekly drawing if they purchased directly from our website, or in the Venice, FL store.