User interface improvements


Hey, just wanted to suggest some changes/additions:

  1. Clicking on the name of a video (below the thumbnail) should bring you to the video.
  2. Clicking on the name of a channel (below a video thumbnail) should bring you to the channel page.
  3. Add the option for channels to make playlists.
  4. Consider inviting Rob from the britishmuzzleloaders channel, 314299 Shooting Channel, Bloke on the Range, and Rod from Civil Advantage/CCFR channel. I think reaching out across borders diversifies and strengthens our community.

Hope you guys see this. Thanks!


Have you noticed any issues with the search feature not showing related videos to the search?


Hey I notice ,I can log in from forum page but on main video page I can’t?


Also I’m logged over in forum but when I go over to video I need to log in again and can’t? Is it wonky or am I missing something?