Usually I don't post stuff like this, but this is a good video showing how the sheep are being manipulated by the media


I also don’t like posting youtube stuff, but, to make my point–a more important point–I have to. In the age of social media, school brainwashing and lack of doing your own research we have a society full of sheep who will believe anything they see on the TV–especially that which is designed to give an emotional knee jerk response.

It is our job as free thinking people to help these sheep see the light and to help clean the out scourge of our society. And you know who those people are. :cowboy_hat_face:


statically speaking coming a from a LEGAL Immigrant (He is Canadian)
First thing I learned taking a university statistical and analytical course was you could use it to present any train of thought by how it is linked.


Nice vid, but this stuff is pretty obvious to educated gun owners. But this same YouTuber also made this video where he makes a stand asking people to sign a petition to make certain guns illegal to own and they have to point to the guns and various ammo calibers he has displayed on the table . I highly recommend finding it on Youtube. Pro gun rights people really need to watch it. It will help us tremendously in understanding the basic psychology of a common anti-gun citizen.


Definitely. I know nothing of this guy but this video. I also strongly recommend everyone do some research.


Try living in Oregon, I go over to Portland and feel like im crossing over to the twilight zone


It’s a shame. Oregon is such a beautiful place.



Hey @Vitaly , cool avatar ,whats the story behind that pic?


I don’t recall exactly where that photo came from. But I think it came from either a massive protest of WTO in Seattle back in 1999 or another big protest of a Summit meeting in Italy. They were both very brutal and there were major violations by governments. It a very long standing tradition to wear masks during large protests during police attacks. This whole ANTIFA thing here that Fox News/CNN or whatever created is just some sensationalized story to scare Americans into buying crap that they don’t need. I have seen something on YouTube about it before.

I thought it was quite funny when I saw all the comments just now. I never even thought for a second people would interpret it that way. I watch almost zero mainstream press…only if it’s on TV at a bar or something, and never with volume on


It’s not that long a tradition. Even the anti war guys and militant movements of the 60’s few if any wore masks. I could be wrong but I don’t recall any of the Bundy guys wearing masks. Generally cowards wear masks.


Look start another topic about protests, I will gladly participate.


Cowards insult people anonymously on the internet. Covering up your face during a police attack at a protest is hardly cowardly.


Hello Kettle? This is Pot. You’re black.
And not that anonymous by the way. In other posts I’ve stated my age and location. My profile shows my first name and you ought to be able to figure out my last name. What to we know about you? You opine in the CSM. Is that true? Searched there under Vitaly. Found nothing. Who are you? Where are you? Does the italy portion of you username mean your in Italy?

Yes it is.


“We have a society full of sheep who will believe anything they see on the TV.”

Those who are so easily influenced must lack the intellectual energy to think.
If they weren’t mislead by this subject, they would happily be mislead by any other.
Nothing new about it.
Consider the irrational superstitions that have ruled societies through out history.


last I heard, sheep were being horribly mistreated in West Virginia as well


Did I insult you…? If you are ever in South Florida feel free to send me a message. I will gladly meet you out at the range. We can have some friendly competition. You can pick your weapon and discipline, give you a better chance. We can post our results. Though, I will wear a black Levi’s bandana for the photo, I’m not sharing my identity with a bunch of internet social justice warriors. By the way when did the gun community get so politically correct, getting so wound-up over a goofy photo?


If you’re not willing to be seen for who you are when standing up for your cause, then you don’t have a cause worth fighting for.


I live in Oregon Antifa is a bunch of assholes that really do attaack people. Look up the patriot prayer rally attacks. Theyve also attacked the pro trump rallies a couple times, attacked a journalist and jump anyone wearing maga shit. Ive seen it. Look up the John Brown gun club or the red neck revolt, they train with guns, fuck the media those retards challenged me to a gun fight lol…this stuff is blown up by the media but far fake, I live in one of the areas they terrorize (190 miles from it actually).


Stop being sensitive, maybe it just gave us a reason to fuck with you? Showing your vagina wont help your cause. Im in Eastern Oregon if you ever want to go shooting or pick a fight I will tell you the same thing I told the other SJW/Antifa/liberal badasses “the light is on , come on in”


Did a little digging. Found his medical records.
It’s what we expected. He’s a dickbrain.