Usually I don't post stuff like this, but this is a good video showing how the sheep are being manipulated by the media


The penis is way too big.


Said boys living in a bubble. All of this because your feeling got hurt because I didn’t like Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. When the 2nd Amendment gets smashed like the 4th during the Bush years, you can look in the mirror when you want someone to blame.


Lol Im not even mad ,cupcake. I dont really care for the guy too much. I tried backing off when you started crying about my “insults” in another thread but then you made it a point to be a dick after that, so here we.


Please stop you are making it so hard not to join in. I am trying to restrain myself and I have so many comments I am trying to keep to myself.


Me or Vitaly?..


Both you are not going to change his mind and I don’t think he is going to stop . I think he just likes to argue for fun .



I do too, it is fun. He dosnt appear to like my insults though.



At times we all just need to consider the source and just say f em if they can’t take a joke and move on .


Thats why I posted that song …Time marches on and shit.


Now I’m scared ! We think alike!


Change my mind over what…?


Our lord and savior Jesus Christ



Mister_ Torgue
If you like videos that show what our children are being taught and when did America start changing…then you should watch this excellent video. It’s one the best I’ve seen. via @YouTube


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