Utah Gun Bill passes and Signed

Common Sense Gun Bill.
Here is a model of good gun bills.
Essentially it does the following:

  1. CCL Renewals require us to watch a video Creates a video on Suicide Prevention that is no more than 10 minutes long. Is available Online and provides proof of watching.

  2. Requires a cable style gun lock to be provided to new purchasers of firearms if not provided by the manufacturer. To be paid for by the State.

  3. Provides Gun Safety Education in schools to be provided by a non profit organization within the state that represents Firearm Owners.

  4. Producing a redeemable coupon that offers between $10 and $200 off the purchase
    price of a firearm safe from a participating firearms dealer or a person engaged in the business
    of selling firearm safes in Utah, by a Utah resident who has filed an application for a concealed
    firearm permit; and
    (ii) collecting the receipts described in Section [76-10-526] from the participating
    dealers and persons and reimbursing the dealers and persons. (Shows proof of purchase)

  5. Provides a $2500 grant to retailers for employee education of Suicide Prevention and Safe Firearms education.

Funding provided by:
Dept of Mental Health and Substance Abuse General Fund of $10.000.
$510,000 from the Community Mental Health services.
$500,000 (One Time Funding) from BCI Concealed Weapons Account (Our background check agency) and those funds cannot be used for anything else.

So there is a modest increase to CCL fees.
And the libs in Mental Health will pay for their education; and that education will be overseen by a Pro Firearms organization.
Firearms Safety can be taught in the schools once again.

Win Win Win


was going to say - nothing wrong with that - there is a big difference between carry/using and storage. A lot of don’t infringe crowd consider that storage is anti-gun but I believe it is more not wanting to be told what to do. I suffer with safe storage and transport regulations everyday of my gun ownership and it is common sense that one would want to protect their investment from theft or careless use. And the more serious gun owners actually have safes and armouries in their homes. However in preventing suicides- a trigger lock or gunsafe will not prevent the results of a mental illness from happening as most successful suicides happen when the act is committed by someone that the rest did not know or recognize. And the person will use what ever means available.


Well good on Utah.
I agree with @srdiver that the objections most have with storage “laws”is the reluctance to be told what to do. I store all my guns in some type of safe. Can’t take them all with me when I leave the house.
The thing that bugs me now in Ca is that with each gun purchase they now ask the make and model of the safe. They used to just ask you if you had one.
But you know… Ca has to go one step beyond cuz they need to retain the “Most Unreasonable State” trophy.


I can agree with some of that but the government shouldnt have the say-so here. They have already shown us that they can and will twist the context of any given law…just my 2 cents.

Canada is a different beast all together, I hope someday that they get a conservative leader that would give them something like our constitution. For now they have Trudeau “Canada’s Queen” destroying as much as he can with “progressive” politics. TBH, the future is dark for both our countries. I am not very optimistic.


They don’t ask how many guns are in it though. I know we’re gonna need another one pretty soon.


Want to make something clear it seems I did not.
Nowhere in the law does it say we must use those locking devices or we must have a safe.
No restrictions to the owner whatsoever.

Also no requirement for the seller. Purely voluntary for the seller to participate.


While I think it is smart to store in a safe I think it should be left up to me.


Utah making a strong case to be a 2A sanctuary. May entice people from states that are losing ground to relocate.


And so it is.
I agree totally.

Just keep those Left Coast politics where they are now.
Regardless of what Left Coast you are from.