Utah HB 114 signed into Law WIN For Utah

The Utah Governor signed HB 114 SELF-DEFENSE AMENDMENTS.

This important self-defense legislation clarifies existing Utah law that there is no duty to retreat when an individual is justified in responding to an aggressor with force and ensures that crime victims will not be victimized a second time by the criminal justice system.
So now we are protected from the courts for NOT BACKING DOWN when threatened!

Except as provided in Subsection (3)(a)(iii):
(a) an individual does not have a duty to retreat from the force or threatened force
described in Subsection (2) in a place where that individual has lawfully entered or remained;
(b) the failure of an individual to retreat under the provisions of Subsection (4)(a) is not
a relevant factor in determining whether the individual who used or threatened force acted


Woohoo! Utah becoming a safe haven it seems,

Duty to retreat is fucked up, people can and do die that way. No thanks. I’ll go down fighting.


This is a good piece of legislative action that should form the foundation and frame for other states.


Already have it in missouri.


What I like about it is that it protects you from the Courts as well.
In a sense it says you do not need to retreat given the chance.
It also protects you from repercussions when you are defending another, or preventing the commission of a felony.
Lawyer jargon is pretty much done away with and it is in plain language.
All states should pass this type legislation.
Prevent the nonsense of fighting in courts because you were doing what was right.