Utahns and Other States as well.

With all this press and emotion being thrown around I want to make sure you dont overlook something important.
Yesterday there was a rally in Salt Lake City calling for Gun Control here in Utah.
Judging from the crowd and how they all had the same shirts and anti gun signs; I really doubt this was not a staged event.
I would bet most of the people there were not Utahns at all.
But they got the press!!
So now what this post is about.

Write your Local Reps and Senators at the State Level and voice your opinion on Gun Laws and how they wont work to solve or would have prevented anything.
Since there is little to Zero chance the press will air any Pro Gun gatherings your reps need to know how we feel about this.


Honestly @Grenz45 I think that’s how it is at most of the Left’s rallies. I think they just bus the people in. Have you seen conservative people go to these rallies and ask the people there questions and the protestors just walk away or don’t answer or haven’t a clue what it is they are even rallying about. If they were at a rally and felt pasionately about something, why would they have nothing to say about it when asked? Wouldn’t you want your voice heard? Wouldn’t you want to make your case?

This is why I think it always looks as though the left has all this support. They just bus the paid protestors around the country. I saw it in TX too for pipeline in one of the counties I was working. Those people didn’t live there and weren’t from TX. They may be the same people who do the phony shooting scenarios.

oh, and I did write to my reps, and the Governor, and Trump.


That is exactly how I see it as well.


Got ahold of my state rep and senator and expressed my opinion last night on any gun laws.
Here is what I sent:

I want to convey my opinion on the recent shootings and those calling for Gun Control in this State.
As the old phrase says Guns Don’t Kill People.
They do not and even though the Press Nationally and Locally is playing up the Emotion on the recent shootings we must stand our ground.
No gun law would have stopped what happened.
Red Flag Laws would not have helped stop these people either.
Mentally ill people we have experienced as of late hid in the open for many years with both Law Enforcement and Government officials taking no action.
We need to take measures to identify these people with evil intent; but not at the expense of everyone else.
Gun Bans, Magazine Bans, Semi Auto Vans, Universal Background Checks, and Red Flag Laws would not have stopped any of the events that occurred.
We need to invest in educating the people to recognize other people with these illness problems and remove the stigma of seeking help.
Arming Citizens, and removing Gun Free zones is the way to stop the violence.
Education is the way to Prevent the violence.

I got a response today from my Representative stating:

I couldn’t agree with you more. We fought off all the bad bills this year, I hope we can do it again next year.

So they listen and I have a very Pro Gun Rep that is always great to respond.
My Senator has yet to respond but I am sure he will be Pro Gun as he has in the past.

The System Works if you use it.
Utah has passed laws that negate Federal Laws if we determine them to be unconstitutional or anti bill of rights.
So I urge you folks to write your Local State Reps now.
So if the Feds do cave in; then at least your State can take on the fight in round two.


Got answer from my Senator as well.
They Listen Folks!!!