Valkyrie Chronicles series.

Definitly one of my favorites, despite the anime theme it has a serious tone and a good storyline. (Not very much foul language from what I remember, either)
Basically its an anime based on an alternate reality WW2. One of the best tactics games ive played. You have to actually use strategy or you will get rolled over by tanks or picked apart by snipers.

Here is a decent review of the 4th game in the series:

From the article:

"Valkyria Chronicles 4 feels like a tactics anime. There’s a huge focus on the story being told in the campaign, which is enjoyable for the most part over the roughly 40 hours it took me to conquer it. Compelling (if melodramatic) visual novel-style dialogue and animated cutscenes tell the exciting story of Squad E of the Atlantic Federation fighting against the Imperial Alliance, and then those fights play out in tactical battles where you use Command Points to take direct control of soldiers in the field.

Turn-Based Tactics Anime

Those battles are really what make Valkyria Chronicles so much fun. Battlefields are fairly large and often dotted with dozens of enemy units, making it a fun challenge to keep track of multiple engagements at a time. There are six different soldier classes – ranging from fast-moving Scouts to slow tank-busters called Lancers – fortified enemy bunkers to destroy, and even tanks to control, so you have a massive amount of options during any given fight.

I loved surveying the battlefield at the beginning of every match, enthusiastically playing the role of commander and tactician as I plotted out my strategies and attack routes. As with any good tactical puzzle, it rewards you for thinking ahead multiple turns and punishes you – severely – for not considering how your opponent might counter-attack once it’s their turn to move."

Valkyria Chronicles 4 - New Features Trailer


@Chuparosa , ever played this one?

If you dont mind anime it is pretty epic, I cant recommend it enough.

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I have one or two of them (or more?) in the series but I haven’t played them. Too many games not enough time.


After looking through my massive collection I’ve got only this:

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Good stuff, definitely worth playing. :+1:

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I agree. Heard lots of good stuff about it. My problem though, is that this is pretty far down my queue to play.

Because…well…just look at this. You’ll see my dilemma pretty quickly.

Keep in mind this was my hobby for ~30 years… edit And in the last two years I’ve traded away all of my NES, SNES, Genesis and other cartridge based games for firearms. Otherwise I’d have almost ~1,700 by now.

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Just bought this. I cannot seem to stop buying games…especially cheap ones.


Never heard of thst one.