Value Optics


Rifle optics is a huge market and it can become quite difficult to figure out good value for money.
I would highly appreciate if all of you could list your favorite optics based on its value.

Variable Magnification :
Red Dot/Reflex:
Fixed Power:

Further any other disambiguation based on caliber if needed.


I’ve had very good luck with SightMark. Good price, and the holigraphic I have on my .50 Beowulf holds up to the brutal recoil and holds zero. I also have a 3x and a 6x magnifier, both hold up great.


I’ve had great success with Primary Arms branded sights and scopes. Their 1-6x and 1-8x scopes with the ACSS reticle are flat out genius. Their red dots are infallible so far as well.

Their prices are way below their quality. I usually hold out for PA to throw in a free ADM mount. Optics planet has them on sale often.


What do you guys think of the TRS 25?


This usually runs for $150 , its on sale here for $119

This one is military grade and runs about $230, it is an Aimpoint m4 clone ,supposedly used by the South Korean armed forces

$150 Aimpoint micro clone. These have been torture tested a few times by Rob Ski. He has a several videos on it.


Love it. Fantastic value. Worked great and held zero on my AR and absolutely is stellar on my PS90 where it’s staying.


Its ok at $100 its a good deal. The Sig Romeo 5 at $120 is a far better deal, imo. The Sig has a 50k battery life, motion detection, better finish, brighter ,crisper dot and has better glass.


Dude!!! The TRS-25 is $50 or less!! I also want to add the glass is pretty damn good and I don’t have any issues with the dot not being pretty crisp. Is the Sig better, yes. $70+ more better? Not in my opinion. I’ll probably get another one for my 9mm PCC bullpup.


It is worth it to me. 50k vs 1k battery life, motion detection, brighter dot, better glass and nicer finish plus its lighter. Ive owned the Sig and oewn the Bushnelle, the Tr25 is perfectly fine but the Sig beats in every department minus price. To each his own.


It’s hard to beat quality glass. I have one scope that’s $1600, I also have another optic that’s $40. I would never put a $1600 scope on a .223, and I would never put a $40 scope on a .50bmg.

Optics have gotten to the point where even the cheap stuff is pretty good. It comes down to what can a person justify spending? IMO, I’m more interested in what is junk. A lot of the walmart stuff is junk if you put it on anything over a .22lr.


That was what I was also getting at. :+1:


I can see putting a $1600 scope on an AR15 if you are a serious hunter or competitive shooter. I see plenty of the 3 gun guys running U.S. optics scopes and stuff like that. I was reading an article on SPRs (long range AR15s) in the military hitting targets out to 800+ yards and still having ballistics comparable to a .22 mag.


Im happy with my vortex sparc 2 but they seem to have went up a bit in price.


my opinion you get what you pay for! Some of the cheap lines of Optics may be good enough for range planking but you sure as hell do not want to have your life depending upon them. I’ve had some sightmark products & other low end products on a couple range toys, worked okay, but distorted glass, lower light gathering, and not always using quality materials. things break easier and just don’t seem to hold up. mid-range Brands, Nikon, bushnell, vortex etc tend to be more rugged, clear & bright glass, better construction, dependable, better value, more than affordable and will definitely get the job done well. anyone that is spent a whole day looking through the scope shooting or through binoculars or a spotting scope, notices the difference between a shity optic in a quality optic. Poor quality optics will cause severe eye strain, headaches, mess with your vision. Mid-range to high-end Optics will save your eyes throughout the day and are well worth the investment. I always optedfor mid-range to high end on all my weapons & binoculars and spotting scopes. I wanted the brightest and clearest in easiest on my eyes that I could get.


I posted videos of torture tests from legit guys like Rob Ski .the Sig or Primary arms will work for HD, competitve shooting etc. For hard use, duty type chit the Trijicon MRO can be found for $350 and is as good as any Aimpoint. Then theres DI optics , they are cheap (under $300) and are issued to the South Korean armed forces so obviously they hold up. I think you do get what you pay for most of time but more money dosnt mean better quality all the time, jmo.


Im also a huge fan of eotech ,I prefer them to actual red dots. I just wish they had better battery life.


Primary arms seem to be decent too. I love eotech but are pricey


In my opinion the best bang for your buck!


I Iike the Eotech Vudu the best but dont have one yet, just got to use one for a bit. It can be had in the $900 range and has great glass. The Eotech reticle on 1x is awesome.


I saw coming out either end of September or October primary arms now has a 14 Power Scope with that reticle in it as well for a very affordable price. Last I checked it was not out to market yet