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WTF is an off road PARK?
Never seen one of them here in the pacific northwet


It’s where you have some land that is too rough for anything else so you charge people to come and tear up their expensive trucks . There is one around Seymor Missouri called southern Missouri off road park. It has trails from a one rating to a six . It is where we started the axle upgrades on my son in-laws jeep when we snapped the ring and pinion gear. We went from Dana 44 to Dana 60 to 3/4 ton Chevy running gear to get it to hold up.


Some states lack the hundreds of thousands of acres of public lands that offer off-roading trails. Texas is one such state where 90% or more of the state is privately owned. Some folks turn their property into a “pay-to-play” off-road park with trails of varying degrees of difficulty. These parks range in size from a few hundred to several thousand acres.

Here’s an example of one such park I’ve been to a few times:

I’ve only been to this one once:


Here’s one in TN. It’s been used in some of the off-road/Jeep/4WD/overlanding channels.

WINDROCK PARK - The South’s Premier Off-Road Adventure Park

Edit: Don’t know for sure if it was a factor in these becoming as popular as they are, but environmental groups got restrictions imposed on some National Forest land around east TN, keeping the 4WD crowd out.


Guess this went over your heads.
We dont go to the park, we go the the great out doors.


You mean the government-owned great outdoors? Here in Texas we believe in private property rights. The vast majority of great outdoors we once had, we turned into into cookie-cutter homes and golf courses, cut down and tilled them for cotton and alfalfa, grazed them, drilled and fracked them, industrialized them, underground well-injected them and built lots of trailer parks and mega churches on them in true capitalistic spirit. You liberal socialist granola-eating Pacific coast states can shun capitalism and have your tax-payer funded great outdoors all you want. This is Texas! We don’t need no great outdoors!

All right, now that I’ve derailed this thread with sarcasm covering for envy, I’ll just add that my Mom had a cool, early 90’s 1/2 ton Chevy conversion van equipped with a little TV and a Nintendo console for her grandkids to play on. I looked into one a year or two ago as a more comfy road trip vehicle for the family but quickly gave it up when I found out how expensive they are. I was even more disappointed when I found out how much the 4x4 converted vans go for.


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