Variety in Dry Fire - For Fun & For Improvement

Here’s a fairly laid back video where I talk about a training method I have been using lately. It helps keep dry fire fresh, while working on some important skills that are often neglected when training gets too repetitive.


Somethings wrong with the audio as I don’t here any of the rounds go off… :grin:


I do that with paper plates. I put them up in different locations under various lighting conditions. It has been very helpful for me personally.


One of my favorite dry fire routines is to watch an action movie, like the old Peter Gunn series still on youtube.
He seems to continually get involved in house clearing scenes.
Or some of the old westerns, especially the shoot out scenes.
You know, the ones with the classic walk down main street duels.
Just don’t forget yourself and shoot the tv or computer.


I’m not a fan of dry fire while watching a movie or show. It splits your attention.

A key component of dry fire is self analysis. You need to know what you did right and wrong and you can’t do that to the extent you should when your attention is split.

I maximize my sessions and get more benefit out of shorter sessions by maximizing my focus which maximizes my self analysis.

(Edit: that’s a lot of “maximize”)