Vepr 12 fixed mag...good idea or bad idea...thoughts?


So I live in CA and decided to convert my Vepr 12 to a fixed mag. Just wondering what others think about it?


That doesn’t sound fun Brother. Do you have a speed loader to load shells through the ejection port? I know they are made for the ar-15. Not sure if they are made for the vepr.


No loader, but while at the range or setup for home defense I load through the bottom of the mag removing the base plate and spring is not all that difficult or unpleasant. While trap shooting…I am load one shell at a time through the ejection port (1 shell at a time for any/all trap shooters…range rule).


You seem to be ok with it. It doesn’t seem to bother you. I’m glad you got a vepr.


Thank you. I know it’s not ideal but it runs great and is inexpensive to shoot.


Do you remember freedom? It’s a hazy memory, but I’m still holding on to it. I’m in Ca also and feel your pain. Doesn’t seem you have any other option unless you want to register ( NOT RECOMMENDED!!! ) It’s actually worse for shotguns than AR’s. You could go featureless with an AR15 and still have a removable mag. Not so with shotguns. Any detachable mag is verboten on a shotgun.