Vertx pants quality

What is the quality of these pants like? Would I be better off just getting basic bdu pants?

I need to know if these will last year’s.

I’ve decided to try the Duluth Trading pants, let’s see what 300+ $$$ turns out like

I love all my vertx pants

I love both my pants and shorts but you need to know they come in a size at least 1/2" smaller than any other brand

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Have two pair, got em off Amazon… Mainly because of the Military Morons review and a pair of the lightweight ones and wear them weekly…
The reviews are far better than some…
Love them… Had some Gravel Gear and 511s etc… all would wear with repeated use, but the Vertx are going strong after 2 years, almost no wear, but not as water resistant anymore after so many washings…

Fit is very forgiving, crotch and knees fit very comfy, but they look a bit baggy… however they don’t have that “tacticool” look like others seem to have… More like a pair of generic khakis…

I’d recommend them strongly… Hope this helps.

Vertx pants are good but like any modern materials they breathe well and are FAR lighter than BDU’s … They wear well, just not bomb proof.

They won’t take the beating for an extended period… Really though if you’re running top end clothing, you know you’re going to be replacing them in the future

To your 1uestion it depends 110% on what you do with them… Rock climbing: 1 month
Hanging out at the range on Saturday: 10 yrs
Wear couple times a week like EDC? Prolly 2 years

No bueno, so far Ive been using Duluth trading Duluth flex and after a year I can comend the quality.