Very high capacity firearms that are reliable? Help?


Greetings, im looking for advice on a firearm, it could be a pistol or rifle but im thinking sbr. Im looking for something as compact as possible, and something subsonic but i wont rule out supersonic.

My requirements are, very reliable, can fire 50 bullets or more without a reload.

i know there are a lot of guns out there that would fit, using aftermarket drums, but im not sure those are so reliable, ive heard issues with cmag and other drums and reliability is key to me.

i know some uppers are belt fed theres even a 9mm one that can be used as a pistol or sbr. but how reliable are those…

i dont think anything factory built has a standard capacity above 30 so if i want reliability am i stuck at 30?

Budget for complete gun is 5k or less, plan to use it for home defense and steel targets for fun.

again smaller and lighter is better, large frame pistol, something uzi size, short sbr etc but yes i would considered full sized rifle.

probably ideal would be 220 grain blackout sbr silenced with a nice drum that held 100 rounds reliably.



I’ve tried a few drums in our AK
Worked fine. No FTF’s / FTE’s - it’s an AK:wink:
Don’t like 'em
Prefer reg 30-40 regular mags



Look at the FN PS90. It is chambered in 5.7X28 and can be SBR. Standard mags have 50 round capacity. Unless you reload, ammo is supersonic. I have the FiveseveN and an AR57 rifle and enjoy both tremendously.


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add a Slidefire stock and you have huge firepower…

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you can do a semi version…






I would have to say a P90. The mags are top load and hold 50 rounds each.



has anyone heard anything on that belt fed 9mm as far as reliablility, even that website says its only reliable with a few tested brands, which makes me wonder

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You realize:

High capacity in any form is not for steel or home defense?

Neither is 5k needed

So why not give us a proper introduction post, tell us more about yourself and your shooting past, habits, then project plans

Right now you’re a bogey on our radar seeking reliable capacity advice.



:rofl: why wont 30 rounds suffice for home defense? Im with Robert on this, please go introduce yourself then we can help you figure this out.



100 round Surefire mags for the AR 15 have been reliable for me IF I only load 90. This may change as the spring gets broke in but between 95 and 100 and it will jam every other try. It does add a good bit of weight, makes it easy to keep the rifle level.:+1:



Th AR-57 uses the 50 round P90 mag. They make a pistol/SBR upper for it.

(Suppressed AR57 SBR)

If I were building one for myself, I’d use the PSA lower that accepts the AK magazines. It’s cut away and lighter than a standard receiver. Then I’d add the AR-57 upper and some kind of PDW, sliding stock.



More bullets does not nescessarily make for a good home defense setup.

Training and skill will do more for you than a higher volume of fire. A higher volume of fire with less skill will just mean more bullets end up where you don’t want them to be.



And there’s almost no recoil. We got to shoot the full auto version :grin: