Very little about this article makes me happy



A Foxnews piece on suppressors for the military - chocked full of phrases and verbiage the Left will inevitably leverage to try to say law abiding citizens shouldn’t own suppressors. Phrases like:

“Now, the military’s elite warriors are set to become even more deadly with a new addition to their arsenal.”

If suppressors make the ‘military elite’ more deadly then they will mass shooters more deadly.

“Adding a good suppressor to your weapon will also reduce, if not contain, this visual cue.”

Great. The Left already soapboxes and fears people running around with suppressors being able to “magically kill without being detected”.

" A common misconception is that suppressors reduce capability in lots of ways, such as reducing range and lethality. These new Sig Sauer suppressors are an excellent DoD investment. They will most definitely increase the lethality of our elite forces and make them harder to kill."

Greeeeeat…so, suppressors will ‘INCREASE THE LETHALITY’ of us law abiding gun owners the Left think ‘could snap any day’ and go in killing rampages? This article is full of things to spin the Left up with hoplophobia and give them talking points as to why such things shouldn’t be legal to own.

“a suppressor must enhance effectiveness in combat and absolutely not incur any trade off on lethality.”

The Left will read this as, “Can kill more kids faster.”


you missed the " these rifle suppressors are tubeless"

got get me a tubeless suppressor wonder if they are anything like tubeless tires.



Got sidetracked with one of the links…didn’t mean to :flushed:


Smh uneducated people tend to annoy me
You can make your own


I didn’t even want to google what form you’d fill out to do that…


Then… there is this little nugget of awesome journalism in the article. I swear this had to of been written by HuffPo.


Uh oh…high capacity,fully semi automatic silencers! You cant even hear them empty a 30 round clip standing next to them!!


Ignorance is bliss for leftist pukes


The sad part is they call themselves liberal and they don’t even know what a real liberal is
Thomas Jefferson was a real liberal

They see a weapon like the sig pictured and they lose there mind


Tubeless design is what most manufacturer’s are doing now. Saves weight by welding the baffles together. Sig, Q, kg ,cgs sico and others just incase you didn’t know.


yes but excluding the external shell (or tube) are not pretty well every internal baffle style suppressor (welded. stacked or however constructed) than tubeless?
Or in actual fact when you weld baffles together don’t you now have a tube?


When the baffles are welded they are tubeless. Also cans like the erector and Odessa are baffles that screw together so a different version of tubeless. It allows for less weight and more internal volume. Hope this helps