Victim Of The Gun Control Act Of 1968

Do you know about Agawam Arms? Probably not and if not you can place the blame squarely on the Gun Control Act Of 1968.


My old man fought the FFA of 68 from 67 to 71 when he passed away. He said it was the most unconstitutional law in his life time.
No where does it say that a EX con can not own firearms. Up until 1968 states said you got your rights back as soon as you left jail. Not any more, now barred for life.
The rights of these citizens continues to deny them. Shall not be infringed stopped in 1968.
Judge Barrett agrees.
Yes some criminals should never have firearms again. They should be shot down in the street like dogs, which was done prior to this. IE the gangs in the 30’s and gangs today.

These are rights from God, man can not take them away, yet they did.
Outstanding video Chris, cool gun.
I had a Williams/JC Penny lever, sold it.
I also bought my first shotgun from my local Chevron gas station, where I had been buying 22 long rifle with a note from my mother, for years.


Nice find. Glad to hear that everything worked out. I am curious about the repair. How did your gunsmith restore the chamber? My nerdy mind wants to know. :wink:


If criminals want an illegal gun, they’ll get one. If they need to be kept safe, they need to be kept locked up.

Letting them go means they’re safe enough to walk the streets and get a gun. If not, don’t let them go.


thanks, yeah, thought this might be a good way to talk about a cool little rifle PLUS get some info out there about the GCA which screwed up a lot of things.

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so i can tell you what he told me, i can’t honestly even see a repair. he had a piece of 22 barrel sleeve left over from another job. so what he did was bore the barrel to the point it had to drilled out and insertedt he sleeve. since the same. he did this with a chamfer or bevel or whatever on the barrel and another on the insert and then aligned the rifling of the two. from there he reamed that insert piece to 22lr, then shaped the firing pin cutout, et on the barrel face. i haven’t yet sit down with it and check to see how accurate it actually is but i can hit 6" steel at 25 yards offhand, so it is pretty darn good all things considered. but then again, this guy is amazing. he was a tooling machinest and one of the best (still is) long before he ever started messing with guns, so he approaches them from that standpoint every time and it shows. i have had him duplicate parts and all sorts of things in the past. in fact i picked up an old 22/45 a while back that someone has cut and threaded the barrel, took about 3 inches off and the threading was terrible, not even standard threads. he used a piece of an old barrel, put that back to original length then reblued everything. if you get it in the right light you can tell something is off because the marking on the barrel suddenly stop where the new piece is but from anytype of distance or in low light, you would never know and that things is dead on accurate still.


I learned to be a machinist apprentice in '17, right when LA closed down 50+ shops when the oil n gas downturn hit. I enjoyed it, but no apprentices job to be had. :cry:



Ideally, yes, but actually, not likely, as so many of them, once released, go back to a life of crime. And unfortunately, we won’t know which ones will be peaceful and which ones will do harm, in advance.


My ole man told me this in 1966:
When a conservative does not want a firearm, he does not buy one.
When a liberal does not want a gun, he makes sure NO one else can have one either.
Nothing stops criminals from getting guns.
Now tho, if you do not jump thru the rabbit holes to get one legally. YOU are the criminal.