Video downloader for those who want to archive stuff before more takedowns

I’ve been looking for a good video downloader for shittube and other sites as to archive videos that may be eventually taken down due to communism. I finally found one and after a $25 lifetime license paid I can see it is the bee’s knees you all.

Full quality up to 8K (if the source uses it). Here’s a snapshot of the program. I’m pretty happy with it so far so and it hasn’t been flagged with my anti-virus programs so I can recommend it. :cowboy_hat_face:

I’m archiving Paul Harrell’s videos now.





Does that download every video from a playlist or an entire channel you have subscribed to? And, I will assume that is a plugin correct? The program I’ve referenced does that and more…its pretty feature rich. :slight_smile:


They’re called extensions, they work on any media you are watching, can’t say much about them as I’ve changed so many times, when the browser updates and the extension authors don’t, they need to be replaced

I typically configure them to make mp3’s


Gotcha. Yea, extensions, that’s what I meant. Sometimes I love being tech-illiterate in today’s world. I’m glad I got passed by. :smiley:

I used to use a site for that, but this company has a video to audio converter that my license is also good for that I am going to test shortly. :cowboy_hat_face:



I’ve never found one that required a licence

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I meant the program I spoke about in the first post is where I bought the license. :+1:


what browser do you use?

I really only know opera and have never lacked for adaptability and never needed to pony out any cash

seems others should as well :man_shrugging:


I’ve used or use them all. Each for specific things. :+1: I needed something a little more feature rich than your basic extension (plugin as I called it). I posted about the program here as a sort of public service in case someone else was thinking about archiving some of the 2A community’s videos.

Feel free to post your extension here so others can see for themselves what works for them.