Video editing software related question


I’ve recorded a series of videos that I need to string together in a single video to upload online all-the-while keeping the same audio and video quality. My capture/streaming software (OBS) doesn’t seem to be able to do that and I cannot figure out how to use Shotcut to do it either–if it even can. The videos total about 60GB but I have a killer machine to render it so I’m not worried.

I don’t have the money to buy Sony Vegas Pro (nor will I pirate it) or etc so I need some free non-malware alternatives. I figured asking on a video streaming related site would generate some tips/ideas.

@full30nick, I might recommend some sort of tech/video related sub-forum so people can get assistance with the technical side of video/streaming. Plus it would be a great place to share ideas and products related to the aforementioned as well.


I think Wondershare Filmora has a free trial. It’s pretty good I think. Kinda simple to use but t has plenty of features.


I use Corel videosuite X10. It’s a really good package, however it’s not free.


Thanks for that, I’ll check it out. What are the limits of the trial?

Wish I could brother, but I need free. This whole pregnancy / baby thing is expensive. Hah.


If you just want them linked together, perhaps I can help when I get back home.


Only if you concentrate on taking it easy first!


Shouldn’t be a problem once I get home. The software is really nice. Right now not sure when I’ll get home. Perhaps tomorrow. But if my GI doctor wants a scope, that might be Tuesday. Plus my wife is very insistent that I get my surgery this week. She took off work without pay, FMLA because of this, be nice to get it all done at once. Really hurts financially when hers is the only income.


It’s a drag for sure. Don’t worry about it for now. You need to concentrate on your situation. And if you need surgery you need surgery… My wife said the same thing when I needed back surgery. Glad I did because I would of regretted it now had I not.

Let me see what I can find. I’ve got a buddy who’s a videographer so I’m going to also ask him if he has an older software suite I could have that he isn’t using.


The Filmora trial puts a watermark on the video.


Ok my videographer buddy says he doesn’t have old software I could have (been doing it for more than 5 years and hasn’t upgraded?). I’m back to square one. Someone recommended windows movie maker. Yea, like that’s going to keep the quality of the source files. Haha.

So to recap, I need something free that can do the following

-No watermark
-Import several videos in to a single video
-Scene transitions (fade-ins/outs)
-Keep the same video and audio quality of the source files
-Can handle very large files (10-60+ GB)


Ok, I figured out how to use Shotcut to maybe do what I want. It’s rendering the final video file now but considering its over 8hrs of HD video it may take a while even with my decent rig at the high quality codec I’m using. Right now its using about ~4GB worth of RAM to render and ~60% of my CPU. I’ll report back tomorrow since its 2am and I’m leaving this rendering overnight.


Yes, please let us know. Especially if it’s free :grinning:


Ok sitrep.

I was able to successfully do what I wanted to do. However, every 1 second there is a brief moment of quality loss. Almost as if it was “pulsing” for lack of a better term. I do not know if this is because the file size is too large for the program to handle or the software itself couldn’t deal with my codec settings. I matched the codec settings from the source video as close as I could but I believe without being able to mirror the source video’s codec settings exactly it will not work out. If I choose a lossless codec would that increase the overall file size? As it sits now the file size is quite large… I can report it took 5 hours to render. :slight_smile:

Oh I’m running a test right now just exporting one of the series of videos using another supposedly lossless codec so we’ll see how that works out. I can say so far at 1% exported it is likely going to be double the original file size…