Video games that our type of people might like


No. I don’t like VR for two very important reasons. So I’m probably not the guy to ask about it.

  • Gives me vertigo / makes me dizzy.
  • I just don’t like the concept and think its another fad like 3D was in the 50’s, 80’s and 10’s.

I CAN tell you that ALL VR games out now are pretty crappy except maybe Fallout 4 / Skyrim VR.


I don’t have any idea about 3D. Perhaps someone else here can jump in on the 3D and VR stuff…? Just not my thing.


And this is where I always get hung up

negative reviews 33%


Do you believe everything you read on the internet? <-- That sounds like something you’d say to other people. Hah!

I will be happy to debunk most of those 1 star reviews if you would like? BTW, you can do a review without actually buying the product on Amazon so honestly, take these with a grain of salt. Most of those very low reviews are not from verified purchasers and are likely Sony fans.


This one says verified

This one does not but I think I’m recalling why I’ve never stuck with a console







Your funny :joy::grin::rofl::smiley:


Robert. You are subconsciously looking for a reason to not buy the XBOX so clearly you want a PS4. Stop the charade. :wink:

But ok, I’ll go over the points on that one review now.

XBOX executing well on losing market share with this train wreck. Shoot yourself in the head. Faster, cheaper and less painful.

By Allen Tiffany, author of Youth In Asia, a Vietnam War novella on December 26, 2017

What a mess. No ‘quick start’ guide. No instructions. 2 hours to update even over a high-speed line. Then an hour to try and run it without setting up MS accounts, which we were eventually forced to do. Huge time sink and not happy about having to set up MS accounts. No explanation about how to add consoles. Downloading the free game is taking another hour +.

It doesn’t take 2 hours to download a few hundred megabytes of data. OH, that is unless IT IS THE DAY AFTER BLOODY XMAS!!! I mean come on, everyone and their grandmother was on both Microsoft and Sony’s servers December 26th.

I write lots of reviews, and most are 4 or 5 stars. I don’t ever remember giving a 1 star before, but the XBOX has certainly earned it. Probably going to have to return the whole mess of the XBOX, consoles and charger. Real downer for the kids for Christmas.

Good for you, do you want a cookie? Sounds big-headed and self-absorbed to me. :wink:

I manage a team of product managers that deliver high tech products. We’d get fired if we delivered something so counter-intuitive as this and lacking info on how to set up and use.

Again, with the trying to seem important thing.

Update: one day later…

Still one star, but after another three hours of stumbling through the multitude of confusing screens and watching YouTube videos we could find, and after adding another controller that is wired, we finally got it so two kids could play. Call it success, and we decided not to return it (at least not yet), but as another reviewer said, trying to figure this think out is like crawling throgh broken glass.

Honestly, navigating through the XBOX One’s UI is pretty intuitive and easy. And adding controllers, especially wired ones, is about the easiest thing to. It is quite literally plug and play.

Update: one month later…

Been out of town on a long business trip. Ordered another controller so I could play with the kids when I got back. Went through hell to log on. 30 mins at least getting the additional controller set up and us all registered. Finally! Kicked back and got ready to play Halo. Game said too many controllers connected. After another 15 mins and surfing the internet… Guess what Microsoft does not tell you: An Xbox console only supports 2 players at a time.

So, “went through hell to log on” is code for “forgot my password” and “I forgot to let the console auto-log me in so I wouldn’t have to remember my password”.

Again, 30 minutes to setup a controller? The directions in the instruction manual are pretty clear here. In fact here is a picture I just took of the instruction manual for the wireless setup. The wired controller is plug the USB cable in and go.


So now after about $400, I’ve got an xbox three consoles and we are all pissed we don’t want to touch the damn thing.

So, you don’t have time to play with your kids? Shame. Get off facebook.

Four months later…

Returned it all and after postage and haggling, got about $250 back. Bought a PlayStation. All in it took about 30 mins to set up, and the kids are playing games locally. Have not tried to go no line (and probably won’t). Completely different experience.

Congrats. If it took you 30 minutes to setup a PS4 then she really is a dumbass. Both systems take less than 10, TOPS.


I don’t play. I see stupid people I have to act. :cowboy_hat_face:


I have tears in my eyes, yes, you did a good job with the debunk,

I get buyers remorse before even buying, took two weeks to buy the laptop I’m on

Guns I buy the second someone says, hey, you want to buy a …SOLD,

Electronics much tougher for me,

But thank you very much, still LOL you replied to that review :joy::joy::joy:


I used to be the keyboard warrior disputing / debunking people all day long in my youth–I considered it a hobby. Now I only save it for the real dumb ones like that lady in the review–oh and because of the condition I have that you’re aware of.

To get down to brass tacks you’ll be happy with either in the end. I like both the XBOX and PlayStation, I just think the XBOX is the overall better value especially when you take in to consideration I use it way more often. If you are only using it casually or some of the points are irrelevant then perhaps seeing if anyone you know personally has both systems for you to play around with? Might help you at least with the decision. The buyers remorse thing, well that’s psychological and a much tougher issue. I charge $100/hr to help with that. :face_with_monocle:


Sniper elite is decent too


You’ll earn your money, :money_mouth_face: and can quit your other job :open_mouth:

Looks like MOH, think I’d like that one


How about General Chaos!


Desert strike


Doom for sega 32x


Doom always wins. It’s the only old school FPS that I can still play and holds up. The other is the original Quake.


I’m gonna need you to sit down Mr T…

I have something to tell you

Your not gonna like it


If you say you bought a Nintendo Switch I disown you. :face_with_monocle:


Went to gamestop to examine, brought home PS4

(holds breath and braces for trama)