Video games that our type of people might like


I mentioned you’d be happier with either. Just wish you wouldn’t of read those ludicrous reviews first. But it’s cool. Hope you enjoy it.


Me to, with no overdoses :roll_eyes:


I must be different . I never have played vidio games hung out in pool halls but no vid
io I used my money to buy shotguns and ammo to feed my skeet and trap habit.


We still love you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


PS4 so far, not bad, the vibrating controller with a speaker in it is…well…its new (to me)

My favorite game tried so far is

And as expected, I can try something for 5 minutes, hand the controller to my Daughter, turns 11 in two weeks, and don’t you know, it takes her 1 minute :flushed:


Menu has option to turn off vibration


Also lookup how to turn down the brightness of that blue light on the controller. It really sucks up your battery life.


No thanks. I’m not a fan of these “battle royale” games. Unreal Tournament did the arena fighting thing better almost 20 years ago anyway.

Plus they are a breeding ground of very rude people/children. It personifies what I hate about the online mutltiplayer “gamers”. Well that and Madden/2K multiplayer.


The last time I did online gaming with people I didn’t know I didn’t stay on long. And the worst offenders were adults (use the term loosely) easily in their 20s to 30s. It probably didn’t help that i was kicking their ass. :cowboy_hat_face:

But I digress. :slight_smile:




I only use my headset when I’m on with the guys I’ve played with off and on the past 8 years or I "occasionally " troll the hell out of inner city ghetto trash.


I have no plans to set up a PS account, to the point I bought Sniper elite2 as you recommended, and plan to exchange it, requires to be hooked up to the internet, just not want I want from my game console

When I went to gamestop one guy was PS4 the other Xbox, but they both agreed with no desire to hook to the web PS4 was recommended.


I look at it like this:

XBox is a gaming console that does home entertainment.

PS4 is a home entertainment console that does gaming.


If it was me I would get a PS4 with the last of us. might buy an xbox next gen if they bring back exclusives I like such as Gears of War, Left for dead, A decent Fable and Max Payne. Also PS4s have been less problematic for me, ymmv. Only console I would avoid is googles when it comes out(hopefully it dosnt).


Sony does gaming as good as xbox but dont usually fu** with their fans as much ,imo.


Holy crap you’re back @jf89. People have been looking for you.


I disagree. My evidence? Backwards compatibility. Sony makes you pay monies for PS2/PS3 games you already own to play on PS4. Microsoft doesn’t make you buy them again if you have the disc already. I have a very large amount of original and 360 games that I phase which are backwards compatible.

It is also pretty standard knowledge Sony is hugely anti-consumer. The PS4 Pro is a fantastic machine, I do like mine, but that doesn’t mean Sony is a good company. MS isn’t much better but it IS better as a gaming company in terms of how friendly they are towards their consumer. Their PC division is frankly shit. Fuck Windows 10. Haha.


Microsoft tried getting rid of used games and tried making it so you had to have that stupid camara on and you had to have internet, even to play offline. Not to mention the red ring of death crap and their shitty QC standards at times. Neither one is perfect but xbox does tend to be more “innovative”, I give you that. I just have had better luck with Sony and prefer their products.
I could careless about backwards compatibility but it is a big deal to some. For just playing modern games its pretty equal between them. Controller design and exclusives should be the deciding factor.

Are you going to buy googles new console? Lol


Go back and read Sony’s prelease stuff for the PS4, they pretty much wanted the same thing. They just backed away from it quicker.

Did you forget how SHITTY and horrid quality the PS3 hardware was? Both systems improved their quality and ended up both being decent quality after those hardware changes.

They are equal to me. The only company that has a positive hardware quality record is Nintendo. It’s just unfortunate they only aim to please their core audience and not branch out and try to grab more of the average gamer.

That and if you use it as your media center–which we do.

  1. Fuck google. :slight_smile:
  2. No, I’m slowly getting out of the video game market. I just sold several hundred $$$ worth of PS1/PS2 games and bought a single action army replica chambered in .45 LC. One hobby is being sold off to fund the new-ish hobby. As soon as I can buy firearms again after the baby is born I’m ramping up purging of my video game collection (at almost 1,400 games now) in order to get some of the more expensive stuff I want like a VEPR in 7.62x54r and some other mil surp bolt actions / pistols. The only games I’m keeping are sentimental ones, PC and PS3/XBOX 360 and newer consoles.


Yea Sony had issues with qc too but just not as big of a problem as the red ring of death, Sony had a yellow ring of death lol. Sony also said some stupid shit but didnt try following through with it like xbox did. I dont have any issues using either one for other stuff though. I dont have brand loyalty so I could switch back to xbox next gen…if it wasnt for TLOU.