Video games that our type of people might like


Toshiba is also in the XBOX.

The 128MB is just cache- capacity is probably 1TB.


Which XBOX One? There’s three models. I own the original XBOX One and the XBOX One S. (and will have the X in about a month or less)

(also know I what cache is) :wink:


Okay, maybe I misunderstood your point. What’s too small? The max capacity is 1 TB on XBOX, correct? And 128MB of cache on an HDD is pretty good. Although, there’s a reason for all that cache, you’re dealing with an SMR drive. Not a bad thing, just don’t think that it’ll perform better because it has more cache.


No worries. :slight_smile: The 1TB is small. Games run 40-70GB now…so you run out of space quick since you’re forced to install them.


whole new system, my daughter was playing a new game, new error code

pretty sure I’ll be doing something different, maybe no system at all by the end of the day


So the second system had an error too? Same game or different game?


Pong. I remember the first ones in the Asbury Park boardwalk arcades.
We had a Colecovision at the bike club. Boxing, football, baseball were the popular ones.
Cool multi action controller for the times. Dead Ed and Woody would do the boxing till dawn.


Sniper Elite 4 is out and it is incredible! I’m on it every day and well into midnight playing this game. PS4 here. Enjoy!


Were the television sets black and white?


Mine was


You betcha. We were so poor we watched TV at the appliance store.


I figured as much.


Gee, thanks @jf89 d***!




I picked up Sniper Elite 3 for cheap just to see if I’ll like it before getting 4. Woohoo!


I play on the pc for the most part like League of Legends every once in a while. Final FantasyXIV was pretty cool for a while visually stunning game, Played NeverWinter for a little while was kinda boring even tho it let you run around with Boo and Minsc for a few missions. Legend of Zelda was always fun in most of its iterations. Just got Breath of the Wild with a couple Amibos for my nephew, game looks fantastic.


Halo got me into video games in 2003. 2004 saw me widen my gameplay with Medal of Honor and Call of Duty.
Borderlands is … more colorful and more random with what the guns will do.
Not a Huge fan of the Battlefield series, but I have played a few of them.


I remember when Halo cameout, never cared for it. Max Payne was the only reason I owned an xbox.