[Video] Knife attacks are scary - this fatal, bloody attack illustrates that



WARNING: This is NOT a video for the squeamish. It is bloody and quite sad to watch someone expire in that manner.

DO NOT underestimate the lethality and brutality of a knife in close quarters.


I did not watch the video, but I have no doubt. I bowhunt and a deer collapses seven seconds after a double lung or heart hit with a 1.25" wide two-edged broadhead. Scares me to death.

Also why I carry a designated folding knife with a single blade that is used for nothing but self defense - should the need arise. A Benchmade 940-2 at work and a 950 on the weekends. MUCH faster to deploy up close than a concealed pistol.


I watched it… driver should have said yes sir and ran like hell…


You can draw a pistol and point shoot from the hip at close distances very quickly. As soon as the gun clears your belt, point, and pull the trigger. That’ll be faster than pulling a knife, unfold it, and then stab. And a gunshot will have a much greater mental effect on the criminal.


That’s why I like fixed blades…
BUT! In this case, I would have fled, then pulled my pistol and unloaded on the guy. Screw the car, take it.


would it have helped if the passenger was made to be/stay in the back seat (from the very start of the ride)?


When I go places I can’t conceal a pistol (and sometimes in addition to) I swap my KaBar TDI. When it’s down to teeth and claws that is my last-ditch effort. I have a flat belt-loop Kydex sheath. Shown here with my Seal Tech 2000 - that is my “I ain’t dying alone” last ditch weapon.


I have to respectfully disagree. At least, for me personally. I’ve practiced both and, if you’re closer than 3 feet, my blade will be your doom. I wont even bother with the Glock.


There are lots of ways to block a blade. Furthermore, the success of your blade relies on you staying within arm’s reach. If I back away or even deflect with my arm, I can substantially reduce or completely negate the effectiveness of a blade.

You can’t say the same about a 9mm.

The sounds of a gunshot is also going to have a much greater psychological effect on the attacker than a knife. That has been demonstrated time and time again.

I don’t know if a single self defense instructor who recommends using a knife over a gun when you have the option.


All true but, at close range, you can also take a handgun out of your assailant’s hands and use it against them.


even worse - now you have a knife to the throat and you don’t see it until it’s pressed against your neck


You would have to be incredibly quick and incredibly skilled for that to work before you get shot. Even then, now you’re committing a hand up close. Something martial arts taught me (13 years of training); if you grab my hand or foot, I’m collapsing straight in onto your throat and face.

I alternate between carrying fixed blades and folders. One reason I like my Emerson is that it has their “Wave” opener. It’s designed to snag on your pocket, so you can extend the knife as you pull it out…


I have a bit of training, and I would much rather have a firearm in a knife fight. But I would much rather run away… really fast.
If it is knife on knife, dissect them… nothing plays physical warfare like lobbing off fingers.
I think the bigger point is though if you can escape, do it. Get the hell out if the way.


100% agree.
There was absolutely no reason for this guy to die for his employers Hyundai taxi cab.


Expert knife Fighter vs expert gunfighter


I’m just playing devil’s advocate here. Leads to interesting discussion.
If you draw an auto, and they manage to grab the slide and hold it before the first shot, you will at very least get a FTE or FTF. Bad time to have to stop and clear a firearm.


The only way you’re getting your hands on the gun is if the gun guy messes up and does things wrong.

If you handle the gun properly, it stays out of arm’s reach.

Meanwhile the knife guy has to get into arm’s reach before they can even get off an attempt at an attack.


This is where retention/CQ training with firearms comes in handy. I have trained in Eskrima and knife fighting or defending yourself with a blade is pretty iffy, imo. A lot of the hand trapping and joint manipulations will probablu get a person sliced up pretty bad.


The thing about a knife fight is if you get in contact range, you will get cut. The trick is to make sure the cuts are minimal and you do more damage to the attacker than you receive.


Truly one of the better videos made. The older I become, the less I want to roll around in the dirt because it hurts. But… top of the line advice that should be taken to heart.