Video not playing in Opera Browser

Having an issue that just started in Opera browser. I disabled all my extensions/apps, didn’t fix it, then I made sure that Flash was installed and enabled, didn’t fix it. Any tips? Video’s still play in Chrome and Firefox. Just recently started for no apparent reason.

*Youtube still works fine
*I can see the video preview photo’s on the video’s page

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Thanks for the heads up. I didn’t see your topic in search before I posted. Hopefully some people connect and find a fix.


I’ve been to an opera.

Maybe it was suicide?


Welp, another one bites the dust.


I have several browsers on my desktop. Had Opera at one time , but not currently so I can’t test your problem. If I remember correctly, Opera is one of the browsers that don’t have a robust update team so if something doesn’t work, I switch to another browser. Sometimes its the other way around, I have Firefox so tuned that sometimes I open a simpler browser (like Browser, Midori, Opera) as a quick and dirty solution to get something to run. Sorry, I don’t have an Opera specific solution for you, its been a while since I used it.

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